Speakers for Resolution Audio Cantatas

i have recently downsized my system with a pair Resolution Audio Cantatas
but realise the overall sound of my system sounds rather lean and lack of dynamics, which wasn't the case when i demoed them. i am currently using a pair of amphion prios 520, i am thinking to change them to a more capable pair.

what speakers should i choose? i currently have these on my list, anyone have any experience with these speakers, if possible pair with the cantatas?
Marten Miles III
Audio Physics Virgo 25
Sonus Faber Cremona M
Avalon Idea

my room size is a rather awkward octagon shape... approximately 4x 4.5m
I like vocal,jazz, piano, some classical
I do not have both units, but I have the Cantata digital player that I run directly into my Atma-Sphere s-30 amp. The speakers I use are the Audikinesis Jazz Modules. I am not sure where you live but if it is in the US I would recommend looking into this line of speakers. While the Jazz Modules are no longer manufactured there are other models available at very affordable prices. One nice thing about Audiokinesis speakers is that they are very flexible as to room placement. They also have incredible timbre and dynamics.

Disclaimer: Resolution Audio dealer.
The only one I would rule out is the Audio Physics. The models I know don't have a big rich sound, they excel at detail, speed and resolution.