Speakers for Rega system

Any suggestions for floor standing speakers (around $750) to match with a Rega Mira, Planet and Planar 3?
I listen to a wide variety of music - alternative rock, experimental, jazz, baroque, Woody Guthrie.
For a not very large room with wood floors.
Your feedback is much appreciated.
Does Rega not make a suitable speaker ? Their speakers are generally well reviewed in the UK, and one would expect that they would work well with their own electronics. I haven't heard them .. just thought I'd suggest it.

My other thought is, must they be floorstanders ? If you could live with standmounts then I think you'd like Epos Es11 or M12. They produce a lot of deep bass for their size and will image better than most floorstanders at that price. Your price range is quite restrictive for QUALITY floorstanders. The Epos floorstanders are also very good, but probably over $1000 even used.
The Rega Jura are an excellent match for $999
Keep an eye out for a used pair of Meadowlark Kestrels one of my all time favourites, easy to drive and great sounding.

Mission 752 used for $700 .... sounds good to me. These speakers were a little on the bright side (but since Rega electronics are not bright this should work pretty well). On the plus side the speakers are nicely detailed, image well and have a dynamic and well controlled bass.

They were very highly regarded in the UK when released.
Totem Arros are found used for this price. Surprisingly dynamic for such a small footprint, image very well and are plainly just musical. The cherry looks the nicest.
i owned and used rega juras with all-rega electronics for quite a while and they were a wonderful match. rega stuff loves to be paired with rega stuff. i'd go juras for sure. there's usually a pair available here.
I heard an all rega system with Meadowlark Kestrals and was very impressed.
Thank you all for weighing in. You've given me some ideas, and now it's up to me to do some comparative listening and decide.
I appreciate all your suggestions and comments.