speakers for r&b music

you never see anything about speakers recomended for playing r&b music does anyone know of speaker old or new that will play this kind of music really good.thanks
go to the montana audio site and check out there speakers and then find somewhere to listen to them you will be truely amazed
Same as for rock&roll, except for Hammond B3.

I've liked big midrange domes and ribbons tweets/mids for sax but good bass makes the R in R&B.
Look for 1.6 Maggies or bigger and add a powered sub. Everything is important to extracting the real magic, but you can incorporate upgrades over time yet stll enjoy one hell of a pair of R & B seakers.

My rig consists of 3.5Rs, biamped with a SVS powered sub.
I just came across this post and YEARS late in responding , but I felt it might help someone going through the archives. I listen to a lot of 80's R&B. I have found that simple two way systems with minimal crossover networks work very well. I have used 6" loudspeakers consistently since the early 90's and am always pleased with what I hear. The floor standing models have more "punch." I have never felt the need to go to a driver larger than 8".