Speakers for Pro-ject Debute Carbon DC with 2M blue

I am looking for a set of speakers (not sure if I want bookshelf size or towers) for my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC with 2M blue. I found lots of good reviews of emotive B1+ but not sure if $230 can bring up all the beauty of the vinyls sound or not. I was also considering Q150 and Kliptch. Someone is selling 2015 martin logan electrostatic speakers for 950 on offerup. I am not sure if spending 950 for them versus 200-400 for bookshelf ones will create huge difference in sound when using pro-ject debute DC with blue stylus. I am new to vinyls and need help. Help me please :)
Well, quite a price spread and the 11.4 are towers as opposed to stand mounts. Why no Wharfedale stand mounts in the mix? 

What is your room size? 
It’s going to be in the living room that transitions into the kitchen (open floor plan). The size of both together is 13x30
Well, if your are looking to fill the entire space, as opposed to focusing on a listening 'sweet spot' then a pair of floor standers may prove best.
I just got Klipsch RP-600m from Amazon delivered. Opened up and realized i need the wires. Ugh... it has been a long time since I bought speakers so completely spaced out that they won’t come with wires. 
Congrats on your speakers. I believe they are fairy easy to drive so you won't need a great deal amplifier power to drive them. I noticed a Cambridge Audio receiver  on sale for $225 here on AG. Under the amplifier section. Looks to be a good deal to me. According to the seller it is 1 year old. Seller has good feedback.