Speakers for Plinius 8150

I'm looking for a good match for an 8150. They will have to fill a large space, about 1400sq.ft.
I almost bought the 8150 but opted to get the SA-100 and M16 preamp instead. I am running Hales Revelation 3's with this combo and also demoed them with the 8150. They are a great match for either the 8150 or the separates and retail for $2195. I believe they will fill a large listening space; if you need more speaker, consider the Hales Transcendance 8's. Good luck. bobm
As I've said elsewhere in discussion, the Paragon Acoustics Radiant is an extremely good value at $2850, more so than the Regent. I don't have Plinius, or even an integrated, but with my Krell KAV-250a, I measured peaks of 98dB at a listening distance of 11 feet in a 4200 cubic foot concrete room. They are extremely dynamic, and extremely low in coloration, with perhaps the third best dome tweeter in the world. I augment them with the Sunfire subwoofer (yes, I know there are better subs out there). IT'S STILL THE BEST SOUND I'VE HEARD, and I've heard expensive stuff, from dealers and individuals. www.paragonacoustics.com
Why in the hell do you want speakers to match your amp.?Get the speakers you like,then deal with the rest.Remember that amplifier is essentially just a cable.
You should definitely get the speakers first, and amp later. BUT AN AMP IS NOT "ESSENTIALLY JUST A CABLE". That's the most dumbass thing I've heard in a while, heh heh heh...
Have used: Totem Model 1, Sonus COncertino, Dynaudio Contour 1.1. I know of someone also using the Dynaudio 1.8 with no problems whatsoever. This amp is so compatible with so many speakers, its amazing! In a few months, I'm gonna be trying a Merlin TSM-SE and a JM lab speaker with this amp. Great Amp!
Carl, www.paragonacoustics.com goes nowhere. What happened to Paragon? --Dan