Speakers for Peachtree Decco 65

Hi all,

Just recently purchased a Peachtree Decco 65 and would like some suggestions on speakers for a smallish living room that opens up to dining and kitchen area (open concept basically).

I was surprised to find that my Energy C-3's (>90dB efficiency) did not match well with this amp at all - Little to non-existent bottom-end, basically "thin sounding." So I plugged in my old, beat-up Mission 701's and WOW! What a difference! My vinyl setup really sings! The sub-$100 Missions present a very open and airy presentation, with a tight and controlled bass.

So sticking with that as a starting point, I'm looking for something more polished and cleaner sounder. Suggestions?

I'm looking at about an $800-$1000 budget, although I'd be open to a bit more. The limitations of the room pretty much force me to use bookshelf speakers with about 4-1/2 to 5 feet of separation between them. Also, a lot of absorption from thick carpet and a large sectional couch.

Thanks! ;)
My dealer suggested the Peachtree/ERA D5's as well as the Thiel SCS4's. I'd be confident going with the D5 as I'm sure the Decco was designed specifically for these speakers.