Speakers for Pass Aleph 3

Just got an Aleph and now I'm looking to upgrade my B&Ws. Need a speaker with low/moderate sensitivity, not too up-front (Audio Research solid-state pre).
Which B&W are you replacing?
Best near field I've heard is with step se's-best sound staging-fault is that they might topple with kids or dogs due to the dedicated stands
audio pysics step se's that is.
you're takin' a somewhat bass ackwards approach. nonetheless, i'd recommend ae-2's. no longer made (BIG mistake on the part of the new owners from Japan) but readily available used. if they're in your price range, the signature model's even better-- and gorgeous, to boot. -kelly
I have used an Aleph 3 for four years. When I wanted to upgrade speakers I listened to as many as I could in the $2k-4k range with my amp driving them. For stand mounted speakers the best I heard were Proac Response 2s and the Spendor SP1/2. In full sized speakers it came down the the Acarion Alon II, Von Schweikert VR-3 and Meadowlark Heron. The Herons proved to be the magic combo for me.
It is bass ackwards, Cornfedboy (though I'm really more of a mid's type). I'm replacing an ancient pair of B&W DM-2000s. While I was looking at the bewildering number of options, I got a great deal on the Pass. I was half-hoping that the amp would force me to narrow it down (1-2K). I'm leaning toward the Totem 1's, but I'm thinking there's a better match out there. Thanks all for the input.
I myself am a huge fan of the B&W line ... all I've ever owned. The CDM and Nautalis mini monitors are both super choices ... though the N805 may want more power? I understand that the Aleph is capable of huge current so it might be a great match. Certianly well worth the effort to audition.
You might consider a pair of original QUAD ESLs or a pair of 63s. They have the resolving power that reveals the beauty of the Pass. I am using a Pass 5 with my ESLs now. After all, the QUAD is the speaker that the B&Ws emulate in a more easily manufactured, supported and distributed package.
I use Pass Aleph 3 with both (not at same time !) B&W matrix 804's (w/upgraded caps in crossovers) and QUAD ESL63 USA's....a great match !