Speakers for Onkyo A-9555 Integrated

I'm looking for some speaker recommendations for an Onkyo A-9555 Integrated amp. I'm interested in monitor speakers in the under $500 (used) range. Silverline Minuets, NHT Classic Three's and Totem Rainmakers are a few that I have been considering.
If you can,go out and listen to as many speakers as you can.You still have to consider how they will interact with the rest of you equipment and your space.Good luck.
Magnepan MMGs work well with that amp.
Thanks for the responses. There are not many high end audio retailers within a two hour drive of my home, so my opportunities to listen to a wide range of speakers is very limited. That's why I find A'gon such a great resource, first hand accounts from fellow audio enthusiasts.
browsing thru the used listings, i saw some canton karat and focal jmlabs 905/906 in approximately your price range--i'd definitely consider both.