Speakers for Onkyo A-9555 Integrated

I'm looking for some speaker recommendations for an Onkyo A-9555 Integrated amp. I'm interested in monitor speakers in the under $500 (used) range. Silverline Minuets, NHT Classic Three's and Totem Rainmakers are a few that I have been considering.
If you can,go out and listen to as many speakers as you can.You still have to consider how they will interact with the rest of you equipment and your space.Good luck.
Magnepan MMGs work well with that amp.
Thanks for the responses. There are not many high end audio retailers within a two hour drive of my home, so my opportunities to listen to a wide range of speakers is very limited. That's why I find A'gon such a great resource, first hand accounts from fellow audio enthusiasts.
browsing thru the used listings, i saw some canton karat and focal jmlabs 905/906 in approximately your price range--i'd definitely consider both.
I like the Silverline Minuets, and I have heard them with an amp much cheaper than yours. Auditioning is always best, but if you can't manage it, I don't think you'll be dissappointed with the Minuets. Just MHO.
Well we need a bit more infor. Like is that your last amp you will alwas stay with that level or do you want a speaker that you can grow with?

What type of music do you like?
Do you like a more bright sound or laid back sound?
Do you want accuarcy or bass?

We can give you opions on speakers but it is like saying what should my favorite color be, at the end of the day it is what you like.
I second Bondmanp's comments on the Silverline Minuet. I have them in my office (with an old Rega Brio). They're fabulous and sound HUGE. You might also think about the Quad 11L (or 12L). I briefly drove 11Ls with a PS Audio A100 and it was a great combination. In my very limited experience of class D, it's so clean and transparent that a smooth and somewhat sweet speaker like the Quads is match worth considering.
Thanks for the kind recommendations everyone.

Programmergeek, I listen to 80% jazz & standards/20% classical. Very little rock these days. I'm looking for a speaker that I can live with for a good while. The system is going into a common area between our kitchen & dining room and used for casual listening while cooking, eating and lounging on the weekends. The Onkyo has a second set of speaker outputs which I will run into our bedroom to a pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis 1 Bookshelf speakers.
I have been using an A-9555 powering a pair of Mirage OMD-15's for nearly two years. These Mirages are small floorstanding towers and retailed at $2500 (now available for $1K/pair from accessories4less.com), but the point is, the A-9555 works very well with ported Canadian design speakers. While all Canadian speakers aren't identical, they do tend to share some similar characteristics in bass loading, crossover points and slopes, impedance curves, and dispersion. I have an audio buddy who is really happy with an A-9555 powering a pair of PSB Image T65 towers.

So I suspect that the new PSB Audio Image B6 stand-mounted speaker would be a good match in price, size, performance, and compatibility with your amp. In The Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice issue (Feb '10?), no fewer than six PSB speakers made their list. No other speaker maker had as many recommended products, and the PSB recommendations ranged from $279 to $3000/pair.

If it were me I'd probably go for the PSB Alpha T1 D'Appolito array small towers for $100 more. They'd take no more space than monitors on stands, and you get an advantage in cabinet volume for sensitivity and bass extension.
Find a used pair of Onkyo d-302e or if you swing it the Onkyo/Takamine d-tk10 speakers.Those are the 2 models Onkyo used as a system with the a-9555 and a-9755 with the dx-7555 cd player.This is often a forgotten fact.Onkyo made some really nice speakers which never made to the states.