Speakers for Onkto A-9555

I've been looking here and around the net but haven't heard of any speaker recommendations for the A-9555.

My budget is around $700. I listen mostly to rock so I appreciate good midrange (guitar), but massive bass is not a priority.
I have an A-9555 to power a pair of Mirage OMD-15s, which are Canadian, ported narrow columns. I have a long distance audio buddy who paired his A-9555 with a pair of PSB Image T65's, which are also Canadian, ported columns. He loves his system.

The Onkyo is particularly good match because its speed provides a transparent, immediate-sounding midrange, and its ability to deliver instantaneous peak current (80A) keeps the bass linear, quick, and clear.

The T65's list at $1200/pr, but he got his for around $700 by shopping for closeouts and blems. At std. retail, the PSB Image T45 would be a good match. Its sensitivity, the Onkyo's speed, and the combination's midrange transparency would give you an excellent rock speaker.

I suspect any speaker of this type would be a good match, such as the Paradigm ported columns as well, and the Totem monitors and small columns.
I would say try any of the Klipsch classic line like the Forte's,Chorus', and Quartet's. They can be found on the used market from $300.00 to $600.00 depending on which model and condition. Very dynamic for Rock music with a really nice midrange. The Onkyo A-9555 is a sweet sounding affordable int. amp that has a "tube-like" warmness that melds nicely with horns. I know an overused phrase.

I use the Ohm Walsh Micro Talls with my Onkyo 9555 and it is a very good combination. You don't see them used too often, but they don't cost much more than $700. brand new and you get 60 day trial period with a full refund in the VERY unlikely event they don't work for you. These speakers are very good with all types of music including rock and they have a tiny footprint and no stands required.
I have two friends that own the 9555, which I think is a terrific value. Both have them paired with Paradigms, one with Studio 60s that should fall in your price range.

With some amps, the Paradigms can be a bit forward sounding, but with the warmish Onkyo, it's a excellent pairing.

Frankly, if I had happened upon that pairing years ago, I would have save buckets of money and more than a few headaches buying and selling gear...