Speakers for old 70s Marantz receiver?

I know these receivers have been around a while, so I know somebody out there would be able to recommend me a pair of monitors that match well. Here's the catch though -- I'm looking for something in the $300 range, $500 max. I listen to all kinds of music, metal being the exception. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
Better say which Marantz, as wattage can matter in matching to speakers.
Find a pair of Sound Dynamics 300Ti. They do not come up for sale very often but you do see them here occasionally and on ebay. I still have a pair in a third system with a NAD 701 receiver and they sound great. One of Harry Pearson's of TAS all time favorite speakers. They are in that price range and are a no brainer for that amount of money. They are very versitile and sound good with any genre of music. They are 4 ohm but can be driven by as little as 20 WPC.
If you can find a pair of JBL L-100's with nicely preserved grills, you would have a very sweet classic

Have Fun!
Steelhead has the answer to your question in spades....
Thanks all. Rnm4 -- the model no. is 2265 (or 2256? I'm at work right now). I don't know much more about it as it was my dad's and i couldn't find any info on the 'net.
I've found a pair of JBL LX-55 locally for $225. Is this a good deal/what I want?
klipsch KG4 works very well.....$200-300 Usually easy to find...

Here's a link with some info on the Marantz 2265. Appears that puts out 65 watts per side at 8 ohms.

The Mission speakers from the early to mid-80s would be a good match for that Marantz. IIRC, the model 770 was a very good speaker. I also liked the KEFs from around that time period, 103s would be an excellent monitor for you. Also consider the ADS 710s or 810s from that period, they were very good speakers (get the ones with the metal grills)...

ADS 810s on eBay - very nice!


KEF 103.2 on Audiogon, superb-sounding speakers!


I'd suggest late 70's vintage Marantz speakers. Seriously - HD880s would top the list.

I have a vintage Marantz in my garage system I paired up with 70's era Klipsch Heresy's I picked up very at a reasonable price on ebay. Very synergistic match. They rock.