Speakers for Naim Nait 5i Integrated.

Fellow Audiogoners,

I need recommendation for a pair of speakers around $1500 "used price" to match the Naim Nait 5i integrated amp and the following components. Please make recommendations only if you have used the Nait to drive the speakers.

Arcam CD23T CD player
Nordost Blue Heaven interconnect
Naim NACA 5 speaker cables
Virtual Dynamics Power 3 power cables on both amp and CD
Monster 2500 power center

I am currently using a pair of Energy Veritas 2.0 monitors on a good stand but I desire more resolution, detail and musicality for classical music. The Nait 5i outputs a "strong" 50 watts per channel and I think a pair of high efficiency speakers will work better. The listening room is only 14' X 15' and too large a pair of speakers overloads the room.

Thank you.


I have heard Shahinian's Starters on a NAIT 3 at a dealer in Germany. In Europe the Shahinian are very often matched to Naim with excellent results.
Take a look at http://www.shahinianacoustics.com/
This should be a great match, in particular for classical music, since the Shahinians are designed by Dick Shahinian who is a classical music lover.

used.....well....there are any number of decent British speakers that will work terrifically with the new Nait. It's really got a ton of punch so i can't imagine practically anything in your price range that won't work.
Good luck in listenig to some that might do the trick!
try Neat speakers... excellent match
What speakers did you finally end up with...?