Speakers for NAIM amp/preamp

I use a NAIM 52/250 combo with Sequerra MET 7 & 8's. I am looking to replace them. Any advice? I'm not a big fan of NAIM speakers and since I need to have my speakers out from my walls a fair distance it rules them out anyway. Thinking along the lines of; Sonus, Living Voice, Avalon, or ProAc. Anyone using these with their NAIM gear or others?
While I am told my system tends to be on the analytical side, though I don't think so, I am looking for a little warmer sond on the the top end and better control at higher volumes when needed.
The Naim amps are definitely not analytical as some people think! they are warm and full bodies. Other amps are more detailed but the Naim has PRAT and can be addictive.

The Naim matches well with Living Voice, Proacs , Harbeths and Spendors.

For warmer sound, Harbeths, Spendors and Living Voice are very good candidates. Heard these three brands with the Naim and they sound very good!

Proacs are more neutral but they also mate with the Naim.

Good luck.
try meadowlark, proac, b&w, epos, wilson benech, psb, harbeth and castle. i have heard all sound excellent with naim electronics and cd.
I'd look at the Harbeth HL5 Super. They sound great with anything but are regularly paired with Naim electronics, offering a warm and musical sound to complement the Naim gear. I haven't heard the Avalon but after extensive audition I liked the Harbeth's better than the Proac D25 and Living Voice OBX. Just my 2c.
Naim with Proac is a wonderful combination.
At a recent show in the UK, I heard a Naim system with Art Audio Emotion speakers. I am not sure they are available in the US, but that sounded excellent, in fact, the first time I have enjoyed a Naim system. The room was packed.