Speakers for NAD C370

I am looking at upgrading to new speakers for my system. I currently have a Nad c370 and Nad 521I cd player. I know a
lot of you have this amp and would like to know what you are
running for speakers
There are so many choices out there, I am a bit lost on this
hmmm...I have a NAD T752 and a NAD CD/DVD player and I use b&w 602 s3's to pretty darn good effect.
Green Mountain Europas...they are a must audition...
I have a outstanding pair of Canton Karat M-30 DC for sale on Audiogon. These are just great and I feel will out perform just about anything in this size/price range. No fads or gimics here just the pure truth coming out at you without all the ear fatigue built-in. Very high quality fit, finish & sound. Milo
I'm using a pair of Ed Frias DIY bookshelves with a tremendous effect. I really enjoy my C370 and think it does best with speakers which are generally brighter sounding. It would depend upon your personal tastes, but the DIY's are uncolored and open. Worth a listen if you know anyone who owns them. Good luck!
I have a NAD320BBEE driving a pair of Reynaud Twin IIs in a 'downstairs' system. these are excellent two way speakers, i've driven them with my high end system as well. Hard to beat that this price point ($500-600 used).
I have the NAD C370 with the C521i driving the Dynaudio Audience 52 and they sound wonderful. Try the Dynaudio bookshelfs.
I set a system up for a friend driving Maggie MMG's with the 370. Very good, surprisingly so. If budget allows, something up the chain in Maggie could be even better. The MMG's are a real bang for the buck, and mate well with the 370.
Thanks for the input guys. I think the C370 has a lot to
offer for the price paid and looks like it can drive a number of speakers and types pretty well.
I used to have Maggies in the early 80's and I really
loved them. The one thing I am concerned about though is
my room size and shape. At 11x22 feet I have my choice of
a near field (don't like it) or a narrow hall. The narrow
setup limits the width of soundstage for bigger speakers or
so it seems by looking at the reccomendations for placement
in tests of the larger speakers I am considering.
Those are--Meadowlark Kestrel 2's, soliloquy 5.3, Thiel 1.6
Vandersteen, and finally Maggies.
I am currently using small Polk monitors and a small powered sub (Sony)and really need better speakers, but I will take the time to find the right type (floorstanding or
monitor) and size. I don't mind spending a little more on
speakers to keep and upgrading my amp later.
Whew, that was windy! Thanks again. ST
using B&W 601s3 with the NAD 370/521i combo. Sweet sounding and for the smallish size of my room the bass is quick and tight. I never turn the volume past 11 o'clock on the 370
I am bi-amping with a C370 and a C270 driving a pair of KEF Q5's, in a narrow room about 11'x17'. The NAD 541i is the CD player. I've been really pleased with the overall presentation of the Q5's through the entire frequency range, with a beautiful mid-range.

All the best.
I use Axiom M80's with my C370 and cambridge D300 cdp. sounds great!
My NAD 370 drives a pair of B&W 805 Matrix speakers via
Kimber 8TC cables with excellent results. CD's are played
through a NAD 541i. Although the 805 Matrix are no longer made, they're still held in high esteem and I'm very happy
with my combination. They cost $1600 new for the pair.
I helped my dad pick out speakers for a new NAD-based system (C370, cd/dvd, tuner). We listened to a lot of speakers,including several of the B&W speakers mentioned above. We stumbled upon a used pair of Thiel .5 speakers which we both really liked (despite having very different musical tastes). Despite their diminutive size, they throw out a big, sweet sound. They pop up from time to time here on Audiogon. Good luck and have fun.
Thanks all for the input. I am 200 miles from the nearest audio shop here so realistically I knew I would not be likely to make the trip. So after checking around on Agon and elsewhere I have made my decision. I have ordered Green Mountain Europas.
Next, Signal double run cables (not bi-wireable) and then
Okay, will come back when I get the new speakers set up and
can give an inital report (can't wait)!
Abbeydog...you wont be sorry...GMA rules...checkout Osiris stands on Audiogon..good luck
FYI - I have C370 and 541i CD player temed up with german Audio Physic Yara floor standing speakers. Finally picked these after auditioning about a dozen pairs of speakers including B&W, J&M labs, Linn etc. etc. The Yara's fit my ear and the NAD's perfectly - but are $1995 US.

I am very happy.
I have the NAD C270/C160 combination (which is what you've got tucked inside one box in your C370). I bought Paradigm Studio 60v.3s about a month ago. They're notoriously slow to break in, but now I believe they're there. The sound is delicious...clearly articulated highs, life-like mid range, more than ample, tight, musical, bass. I listen to a lot of jazz, vocalists, and bluegrass. Dave Grissman/Jerry Garcia's HDCD of the same name sounds like they're playing right here, right now. (I'm using NAD's C541i cd player.) My audio system is located in my home office a room of approx. 20' x 20'. The placement of furniture/bookcases (I'm a book collector with lots of glass doored bookcases), my desk, credenzas, etc. pretty much dictates the placement of my speakers near walls. A slight toe-in to the speakers makes my normal desk chair seating position a perfect sweet spot. More surprising, though, is the width of the sweet spot. The soundstage varies, of course, as I move about in the room; but it's always there. I'm using Cobalt Cables for the speakers which were a huge improvement over my ten year old Monster cable.
Silvrmn, thanks for your reply. It sounds like you are very happy with your set up. The Paradigm line seems to pop up often teamed with the Nad equipment with good reports all around.
I opted for Green Mountain Europas and I have about 50 hrs.
on them at this time. Will be posting my impressions here on Agon soon.
My understanding on the preamp section of the Nad c370 is that it is a little less sophisticated then your full pre-amp. My amp here is very dynamic but I feel a little lacking in detail, air and transparency. One review of the c370 bypassed the pre section and ran the power amp with a high quality tube pre amp with markedly improved results.
I understand the 541i is a big improvement on the 521i that I am using here. Especially so on the HDCD discs as you have noted. Like you I replaced my 23 year old speaker cables. I am using the Signal cables ( double runs), and that with the Europas just pour the music out into the room. Honestly the dynamics of the system can be quite staggering in my 12x22x8 foot room.
More on that a little later.
Thanks again and, enjoy!
i used the linn katan with the NAD C370 and its sound great.i try the dynaudio countor 1.1 and they just sound terrible.the most important thing is to trust your EARS and try the speakers in your room without somebody else influence.GOOD LUCK!
Totem Arros .... awesome.
Hi! I'm using for my NAD C370 a pair of MAGNAT VINDAGE 350 and they sound great it is a big speaker whith a wide responce 20Hz-35KHz very impresive when hearing dynamic musik but also sensitive and sweet when you hear slow songs i have them conected whith a sony cdp 930 QS and i m using
good but not very expencive PRO EL cables. Hlias.Greece