Speakers for NAD 3020 integrated. under $200?

starting cheap system for bro. I prefer used or demo stuff.
I prefer a darker sound, cuz bright electronics hurt my ears.
My choices would be; (1) Snell KII,(2) B&W DM 302,(3) Tannoy Mercury M1. All for sale on Audiogon for under $200. The Snell's would probably work fantastic w/your NAD. Nice real wood finish as well. Good Luck! Bill
20 watt amp....the B&W DM302 is a great choice... 91dB efficiency....$150 to $180 used....there is usually a pair on eBay most of the time.
I agree with Bill & Tom, the 302's are a nice speaker. Another to consider would be the Sound Dynamics either used or new at Audio Advisor.
if you can find them, look for an old pair of Energy ESM 4's. I had a combo similar to this years ago and it had great synergy. Further, it was a bit 'dark sounding' or rather, a bit on the 'warmer' side, so it was almost always a pleasure to listen to.

unfortunately, you might be hard-pressed to find these speakers, but it's worth a shot.

Add the cheaper Paradigm's and PSB's to the list, don't think either is bright, based on limited hearing of them or reviews.

Of the other recommendations, the Sound Dynamics RTS-3's would be my choice, and the B&W 302 a little less so, but still up there....