speakers for my yamaha rx-v1700

Have my avr set up in living room, planing on 3.1 set up and bi amp fronts. Room size is 22x13, with listening area in middle of 22 foot wall. Floors hardwood with larg area rug. Plan to have speakers about 7-8 feet apart and listen from 11-12 feet. looking to go full range if possible without upgrading front end...any ideas? amp upgrade not an option at currnent, but may be possible in future. I guess the question is whether my receiver's amps are sufficient to get good sound from a decent speaker...Was considering KEF IQ series, MA RS6 and Dali ikons. Kind of new to all this

FWIW, was running 5.1 with B&W LM1 and a small CC3 in a smaller space

Thanks for helping a newbie out
If you are running 5.1, make sure you stick with a speaker that stays above 6ohms at all times. Yamahas don't like low impedance.
The only speakers that I have heard that sound really good on a lesser expensive AV receiver was the Def Tech Mythos. Now those things sound smokin!!
i was goint to plan on just a left right center set up for ht, but will use mostly for low level music, not foundation shaking, but usually weekends and after the kids are in bed. the rx-v1700 is rated at 130 wpc driving all channels, and dynamic power is 160/255/335 at 8/4/2 ohms respectively.

So I was thinking of kef iq7, or other slim towers...which defe tech mythos were you thinking?
That 335 watts is a "bull___t" rating by Yamaha. Drive five 2 ohm speakers trying to get 335 watts out of each channel and you'll blow the receiver. It will have a stroke running five 4ohm speakers at 1/2 volume. For a pair, you should be ok with any load.
Personally, I'd consider something a little forgiving and easy to drive, maybe paradigm or B&W.
I have a Yamaha RX-V1700 and am driving an older pair of Mirage OM-10 speakers,rated 90db @ 6-ohms that sound great with this receiver. This is the only receiver i have ever had that i did not have to ad a power amp too.
I did leave the Yamaha in its 8-ohm setting with no problems. It does get a little warm if i drive it hard for awhile.
As Elevick said i would look for some Paradigms or another speaker thats rated 90db or higher. Also keep in mind if you get a speaker thats very high db rated,say 100 this will pick up any noise in your system.