Speakers for my Sansui AU-D11 amp

Building a vintage 2 channel system and looking for speaker suggestions in the neighborhood of $300 to $500 or so.
I am having my Sansui AU-D11 amp cleaned and recapped. I will be using a Sansui TU-717 receiver. My intentions for speaker cables are to assemble  (I cheap out a bit here. My $ goes into components, not cables) a pair of 10 AWG cables with gold ends. 
My dilemma is this, my ears have grown VERY sensitive due to years of abuse and working in a shop (machinist). Even my main system used for HT and music (Yamaha Aventage 2050, PSB Image T65 towers and home assembled Monoprice 12 AWG cables) seems very bright to me now. 
I am new to this level of audio and have had very little exposure to quality. I am looking for suggestions on a new direction to go with speakers. Something that will work well with my Sansui equipment and not be so "sharp" or "bright" and much easier on my old damaged ears. 
I am not concerned with the footprint of the speakers. A set of towers would most likely not give me the bass I want anyway. 
Long winded cry for help. Thank you in advance. 

My favorite speaker in that price range -Vandersteen 2C's. Never heard them sound bad with anything, including a B&O receiver.

I would consider the Wharfedale Dentons, which should go nicely with your vintage Sansuii.

Wharfedale’s are a nice choice as well.
I have had the dentons for a month and a half now, and i can vouch for them.  Radically different form my alternative speakers (rega), they are warm, rich, smooth, expressive.  I wish they had a touch more detail, but for the money, they are a great buy.  Took them a good 100hrs of playtime to develop.  Thought about returning them and go with something like totem mites, but now that i hear them well, they are a keeper.... I can listen to them for hours...