Speakers for my Golden tube SE 300B II SE 9w Please help

I just bought a Golden tube SE 300B II SE only 9w. Please give me some advice for a pair of speakers match well with this amp. I don't have a lot of money for the expensive speakers. I think any pair less than 2000.00 will be fine. Please advice my any thing good arround this amp. Thank you so much for all your time and helping me.
Three lines you might consider are Soliloquy, Coincident, and Reference 3A. These lines have models that should work well with amps like your little 300B SET, and you can find them for sale used right here at Audiogon.
Consider the Silverline sonatina...Available used for 1200-1500.
Acarian systems Lotus SE, with the 14 ohm woofer. You can find a set of the mk. 1 or mk. 2 for less than 2K. They are FULL range speakers you will think you have died and gone to a better place. Nothing touchs these speaker for anywhere near the money. Nothing.
Najo is right. The Lotus can't be beat for single ended at anywhere near the price. Bass is great.
Consider Acoustic Energy AE 2 MK2. Dynamic monitors that work well with my 9w 300B SET.
If you really want to unleash/experience the inherent joy/beauty to be found in those glorious 9 SE watts, I would suggest you pick yourself up a pair of vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold drivers (regularly available via auction at eBay). If you are at all handy, you can then build your own enclosures (I did—plans are readily available on the Web) at relative little expense. Otherwise, there is clearly no shortage of individuals willing and able to craft you suitable cabinets at reasonable prices. If you'd care to view stuff in the "to die for" league, check out Michael Christ's (speaker/cabinet builder extraordinaire) Web site, at http://home.att.net/~lkalin/!
Some of the best speakers I've heard for low output SET amps are Hartley Towers. They are 96db efficient and very inexpensive, if you can find them.
If you are the DIY type or know a good cabinet maker, I strongly suggest that you check out the Hammer Dynamics Super12's kit($650). They feature a full-range driver, super tweeter, crossover parts, and are 97dB efficient. The Super12's deliver gloriously detailed, coherent, sound with deep, realistic, bass. The speaker enclosure is fairly simple to build if you have any woodworking skills and tools. Or, it should be pretty cheap to have made by a pro.

In fact, many people have stated that the Super12's were one of the surprising highlights of last month's 2001 Vacuum State of the Art Conference (VSAC-2001) in Silverdale, Washington.

Here's the link to Dick Olsher's review on EnjoytheMusic.com(the super-tweeter has been upgraded since the review):

The Hammer Dynamics Website:

A webpage devoted to Super12 teaks:

Do a search on both of these forums for "Super12" or "Hammer Dynamics" to read owner opinions:

1) audioasylum.com's "High Efficiency Speaker" forum:

2) "The Single Driver Forum"
If you are into horns, I would recommend the oris horn 150 available from welborne labs or any well designed lowther horn including the voight pipe which is real easy to build. The Oris's are the best speakers I've ever heard. If you don't like horns, you can also look into the triangles which got real good reviews in stereophile. The only one I've heard are the tituses and they are awesome for 500 monitors and they were being pushed by custom 2a3's that put out a whopping 3 watts. However, if thats an indication, the other triangles should be better.
Silverline's are a great rec. They're very efficient and tube-friendly. Impedance doesn't dip below 7 ohms. They have incredible mid-range and well-built time-aligned cabinets. Driver quality is excellent.
I use the klipschorn with these amps and they work fine.
But for woofer I use a CJ Mv50 (fantastic).
you may consider Triangle Zerius speakers.
They are affordable and very efficient (93 db).
I have a pair with the Golden Tube and I enjoy it a lot.