Speakers for Musical Fidelity X-150 integrated ??

Need some advice about "speaker match-ups" with Musical Fidelity's X-150. X-150 has gotten good reviews and is 80watts RMS. I have a small room and currently downsizing my old system. I have considered Totem Hawks and new B&W speaker 603 series 3 just reviewed in Stereophile. Want to spend about $1100 or less.(which might rule out Totem Hawks( I like their looks and small footprint, and nicely finished cabs) Thanks, Jim
Why not try the quad L series or Dynaudio......The new Epos speakers would be a good choice to.....All can be had new or used for under a $1000.....The quad L series will be the most detailed speaker and the epos will have the better midrange. Just some thoughts......
I just recently purchased the X150, I believe the power rating is 105 watts per channel. Atleast that's what the MF website says. I would try a pair of Audio physic yaras. I'm currently using some Von Schweirkert VR-1's without much luck, and am looking for a new speaker. I will try the B&W 603 S3 next.