Speakers for Musical Fidelity M6i

I would appreciate suggestions to replace my recent sold PSB Synchrony 2 for better overall speakers.
I upgraded to Musical Fidelity 200w integreated & need speakers to complement.
My room is 12x20 w/Bryston CD player,Rega P5 TT & AQ cables.
Something in 3-4 k range
My current list includes:
Sonus Faber liuto(special price from dealer)/PSB Synchrony I/Legacy Classic/Totem Forest & Joseph Audio RM25XL(but it's 46 inches tall which is too high for my apt.).
Very nice amp. You'll have no problems driving just about anything out there. So suggesting something would be difficult as all speakers sound different and what sounds good to us, may not sound good to you.

So lets start here. What was it you liked or disliked about the Synch 2's you had? Did you listen to all the above on your list and did any remind you of your old speakers? Were any opposite?

I prefer soft domes and tend to gravitate toward speakers using this type of driver. I have heard the Liuto and it is a very nice speaker. It also uses a soft tweeter and I wasn't surprised that I enjoyed them. Also, if you can get them new at or below your budget, thats a great price too.

If you liked the way it sounded, then I would suggest you also consider and audition these - Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE and Dynaudio Excite 36. They are in your budget and you'll have no trouble driving them. I hope you get many more suggestions in your journey to find the speakers that sounds best to you.
I really liked the synchrony two's overall
For some odd reason bass weight seemed adequate at times but would be lessen or diminish.
Sound would be lacking kick drum & foundation sounding dull.
So this is an experiment because I changed Amp & cables but still had the problem.
Only thing left was the speakers
If the "intermittent bass weight" persists after a new purchase I may have brown outs or something electrical.
I'm leaning toward Joseph Audio RM22XL at a good price..
If it was a lack of bass weight, then do try and lsietn to the Synch 1's. Also, I would strongly encourage you to seek out and listen to the Vienna and Dynaudio models I recommended. You just may be surprised at the bass weight these speakers are capable of producing, especially the Dyns. Good luck.
Too bad you have a height restriction. Your amp would be a great match for a pair of martin logan ESLs, any model you can afford.
I do not have experience with the M6i integrated, however, a quick google search has revealed that its guts are very similar looking to those of the MF A5 integrated that I have owned some years ago. The MF A5 paired very well with Focal Micro Be and also with Dynaudio Contour speakers.
focal 826w, and you will absolutly love it
I have the M6 separates, they're driving Von Schweikert VR4 jr. k2's. Really tonally balanced.
I also agree the Focal's and/or PMC would be a good fit for the MF M6i.
I'll pipe in to suggest that speakers are the most important component in any system. So I'd recommend finding speakers you like most and that work in your room and budget. Then go about finding an amp the pairs best with those speakers.

That said, the M6i seems pretty burly and there's probably not a lot of speakers that it couldn't drive well.