Speakers for Music Hall 25.2 cdp and amp????

Hi all,

I just decided to purchase my first real audio system. After a bunch of research, I am going to pick up a Music Hall 25.2 amp and cdplayer. Does anyone have good advice of floorstanders between $1000 and $1500 that would be a good fit? This will be a hardwood floor, medium sized room. I listen to mostly jazz, old soul (aretha, otis, etc), and some classical. Not sure how this translates to speaker sounds (this is all pretty new to me), but I guess I would say that I love a warm, rich sound, and speakers that really soundstage well.

My starting point is Monitor Audio RS6 and B&W 683s. I have listened to both around where I live (Washington, DC), and am leaning toward to the 6s now, since their price to performance ratio seems really good -- but I would be happy to be convinced otherwise.

Any advice would be really great!

Thank you - Marty
Buy an easy to drive speakers as Music Hall might not have enough power to drive hard floor standing speakers. After all MH has only 50Watt into 8 Ohms.
I own MH 25.2 and would suggest going with Monitors instead of floorstanding speakers.
Any of the ProAc speakers, either floorstanders or monitors, in your price range will sound great and maintain their resale value better than most brands.
The Mordaunt short 914's are known to be very fine. Rated 5 star. Only about $600 /pair- British made and sound.See reviews in "What Hi-Fi" 89 sensitivity. I have a pair along with a Dual integrated and Redgum CD player (Bought here) from Australia.
Incidentally I never see used Redgum amps come up for resale.
Bulletproof- just not well known here.
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