Speakers for Mp3 collection in a very large room, Peachtree NOVA 125/OPPO?

Hello everyone,
I am but a novice looking to make the best of my existing equipment...

My listening area is very large (60m²), opening up on three sides to a dining room (25m²), a "cozy corner" (12m²), as well as a home office (12m²) and entrance hall!

My current gear:
Peachtree Audio NOVA125
Audio Technica UBS turntable
Magnepan MMG + SVS SB12-NSD (pair)
Blue Jeans cables/interconnects throughout

My music:
Mostly Mp3s, as well as vinyl and FLAC files
Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical, World, Pop, basically, all kinds, depending on mood and situation...

Obviously, the MMGs are useless in this very larger area...even with the subs...

I am looking for a pair of speakers that will play somewhat loud, but clean and smooth to suit my varied tastes and moods...

Also interested in acquiring a good DAC/Streamer to match.

Thanks for your kind advice and recommendations!


Jean-Louis R.