Speakers for ML 33H

Hi all,
I recently upgraded my preamp and power amp to:
AudioAero La Fontaine SACD
ARC ref. 3 Preamplifier
ML 33H monoblocks

My speakers are Focal 937 BE (25th anniversary).

The defect of the system now is a lean presentation on the bass (no bass slam) and a sybilant and too sharp mid-high frequencies: A terrible result.
(Before the upgrade I had a pair of 25W SET 845 tube amplifier, and despite there was no bass at all, the midrange and the musicality was fantastic!)

I am analyzing the following second-hand speakers that match my budget:

What I am looking for is a good bass response with some bass slam (I don't like Krell emphasis, but like bass...) and for a liquid, silky midrange.

Any suggestion?
The ML33H's are excellent but I always found them a bit thin sounding in a friends system no matter what speakers he used. If you've been listening to tubes you'll notice this more than others. I'd consider top of the line Revel's or B&W's.
The Ref3 I owned had decent bass extension but no mater what components I connected to it, I wouldn't say they had good bass slam.
Thanks Tmsorosk.
Any other comments?
One of the best demos I ever heard was Wilson WP6s with those ML33H amps (at a dealer in Penna. about 12 years ago using my own CDs). So maybe go for those WP7s. The dealer said Transparent top-of-the-line speaker cables made all the difference (to add liquidity to the highs).
Bare in mind both speakers will need exacting setup to get the best from them, the WP7s in particular.

I've heard the WP7s a fair bit driven by Jeff Rowland 301 along with a couple of other amps when we've swaped them into the system. The owner loves them and in that context they work spectacularly well with some material (material he listens to alot), old school jazz for example however I don't find them particularly coherent over the entire freq range. At worst I hear a disjointed treble that all to often draws the ear toward the tweeter intruding on the music.

I've always enjoyed Avalons though not heard them with Levinson. Some of the smaller models can sound a little bass light at times, lacking a bit of drive, I haven't heard Eidolon so not sure if that carries over into them, Time and Isis certainly sound good to these ears.

I thought Levinson 532 worked well with Focal Maestro Utopia so they or Scala may be worth looking at?

All just my opinion of course and in the context of the systems/rooms I've heard the equipment in. Good luck with your search
Thanks for your inputs.
I will demo the WP7 at my house next week.
Will return with comments.