Speakers for metal, hard rock ... also SS amp

I need recommendations for people who play a lot of metal and hard rock. I don't want to be dependent on a sub for the bass slam.

Speakers should be in the $4-8K used range and amp should be high quality.

I don't want it to be too harsh, though, because I ocassionally listen to ambient, female vocals, soundtracks, etc.
gradient, hales, chapman, dunlavy, silverline, driven by mac
Your listening habits pretty much parallel my own, although I probably throw a bit more jazz and classic rock into the mix than you seem to.

I use the Revel Studios and these have pretty decent bass response. It is quick enough to get the hard front edge of the beat of the drum, and yet deep enough to get all but the deepest bass notes. (And since most rock music does not have the really big bass kettle drum or a low octave organ, this is plenty). They also reproduce the vibration of the bass strings amazingly well too. (You can actually hear the individual string vibrations, rather than just a thrumming noise in the bass region.)

Currently Revel is starting to dump the current Studios (and Salons, if you really, really want the deepest bass notes), as they are going to be coming out with a new line soon. This means you might even be able to pick up a brand new pair and save big bucks (or a demo pair to really save money). A used pair of Studios are going for around $6K. The Salons used are a bit more at around $8-9K.

As far as power is concerned, I recommend going with really good powerful monoblocks, like the Mark Levinson or Classe solid state amps or even better the hybrid Lamm M2.1s or M2.2s, which have 200 wpc and 220 wpc respectively. The Studios need at least 150 wpc and the Salons 250 wpc. (I recommend going a bit more if you can, as these speakers need power, and lots of it.)

I use the Lamm M2.1s (200 wpc) and they sound incredible with the Studios. Unfortunately, the Lamms are pretty expensive, even used, going for around $7K used. However, based upon my experience, they are worth every penny. (I previously used the Mark Levinson No. 23 (200 wpc), and while it worked very well, the Lamms really give me a much more detailed, and yet more powerful, sound.

Good Luck in your search.
Legacy Focus 20/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mcintosh Amps with horns or most speakers recommended for rock will definatley render the better results over most other amps without a lot of screwing around.. test it trust it.
How about a dual 18in per loudspeaker ,hieff woofer system, with giant hieff ribbon, 102db 30hz-40khz. 1st order crossover ,baltic birch plywood cabs ,fully cherry veneered ,nordost internal wire.Ea woofer is in its own optimized cabinet inside larger main cab.Finish is french polish not cheap poly coat.Deflex, wool ,cork etc used for damping, ea cab has dual 4 flare ports. big and heavy over 250 lbs ea. I design loudspeaker system this one is for all types of music but all my systems must sound great on rock or they dont go up for sale.Email if interested. price is near the lower end of what you listed for a new pair shipping inc.
I second Chadnliz - Legacy Focus 20/20s -

Great soundstage, bottomless bottom end [deeper than most stand alone subs], and great with busy music as well as solo vocals and small jazz trios. Play some "Blue Man Group" real loud to test! You will be sold.
THe Talon Raven C speakers without a doubt will rock your world and they are easy to drive. Deep bass that is fast and tight, clear highs. I am still amazed at what they can do for the price. Find themn used around $3500 and you'll be pleased.

Happy Listening.
match krell with a pair of wilson sophia's
Mcintosh Amps with horns or most speakers recommended for rock will definatley render the better results over most other amps without a lot of screwing around..
I second that recommendation, for everything from Bjork to Pantera.
thanks for all the great recommendations ...

anybody used the Dali Helicon 800's ????
After recent audioning I'd add Vandy Quatro to your list. For a normal sized room, I wonder if you can beat the room equalized bass performance at any price. Also the Quatro and 5A are much less polite on top than other Vandy designs I've heard. Definitely worth a listen.

May be tough to find used, but a new pair falls into the high end of your stated range.

JBL is the right speaker for you. Go for models with 12 inch woofer to get the right oomph at mid bass and the feeling of concert.
I would opt for the vandersteen speakers-anywhere from 2ce series and upward---maybe quatros or 5 series as well
Match Legacy Focus 20/20's with a great amp (Edge G8) and make sure you shotgun biwire them (I have Shotgun AQ Volcano) to give the Focus 20/20 the pipe to take in all it can handle.

I have a widge range of musical tastes however on the rock side, I do alot of Queensryche, Rush, Dream Theater, Rob Zombie, guitar work from Joe Satriani, etc....

The benefit of the Focus 20/20s is that properly connected and powered, they handle all of that as well as switching effortlessly when it's time to play great Jazz, Symphony, Organ, New Age, Techno,Trance, etc...effortlessly.

Good luck!
Without at doubt. A used pair of Aerial 10t's paired with some quality ss amps will be exactly what you're looking for. You can usually find these for $2.5K to $3K used. Then pick up a pair of used amps, like the Classe mentioned above, that will give you at least 300 watts per channel. You should be able to do the speakers and amps within the $8K total. This combination will play any genre you want. The 10t's can sing like songbirds and still kick you in the chest with bass slam.
I'm driving Nola Viper II+ speakers with a McIntosh MC-162 amp...not your typical headbanger setup, but the combo is unbelievably detailed and tight. Thru this combo, I've had non-headbanger friends remark about how they had no idea how inricate and musical bands like Slayer and Pantera really are.

I also thrashed from Anthrax to Zodiac Mindwarp for 10 years with a pair of NHT 2.5 speakers. Someone mentioned Revels...I heard the F32 model and it's a definite contender too. An Anthem Statement amp or Krell 400i integrated would also be good choices for amplification.

Favorite bands are old Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, Pantera, Suicidal, Priest, early Maiden, Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, and NWOBHM.

There's just no reason headbangers can't be audiophiles.
I left out Lucinda Williams.
I assume you want something that can play loud. IMHO most two ways will fall apart if you try to achieve rock concert sound levels. Designs with multiple small (6" drivers) and tuned reflex ports can sometimes compete, however, I find the bass sounds boomy at high levels making the speaker lose balance (even if these designs sound perfectly good at moderate levels).

Something with a 12" woofer or more (a three way) is a must IMHO.

Speaker such as JBL pro line, PMC pro line, ATC actives, Dunlavvy SC-V's, Meyer...
Lucinda Williams should NEVER be left out.......

I reccomend a used pair of the original Eggleston Andra's for around $6- 7,000. Depending on the sound your looking for, get a Krell FPB-300 (used $3500) or Mac 402 (used $4,000). The Krell will really rock out but may be a little unforgiving with marginal recordings. The Mac is an all around great amp that's very smooth.
ALl the suggestions are very good. I'd like to add to your list though:

Speakers -
B&W N801, N802, 803D, 802D, Wilson Sophia(already recommended)

Amps(you need big, powerfull, smooth amps)-
McIntosh MC501 monoblocks, Krell FPB300 and up, McCormack DNA-500, Levinson.

But you didn't mention the room size, preamp, source. Is the room treated? What type of sound do you like? What is the budget for the amp?
Not doubting the excellent recommend's above...

...for serious metallic applications go for JBL (home -- not pro) recommended above. OR and IF your room allows use of corners or close, try big Klipsch (used). Or even TAD with appropriate subwoof.

Notwithstanding the excellent audiophile advice we all give, and beautiful products that abound (Kharma? Sonus Faber? many others) people like JBL design and produce some of the BEST drivers and people like Klipsch have designed some of the best speaker applications.

I'd recommend ACTIVE big ATC's or other (than Klipsch) horns -- but these are well over your budget.

Most other speakrs will be too "polite". Surely you want to feeeel the metal, not have it sound like a symphony orchestra:)
Old JBL TI 2500 (4 way model) with old Levinson 27.5. And you get what you want. And the neighbours, if any, also what they dont want.