Speakers for Mesa Tigris

I've been looking at the Totem Arro. Opinions? I listen mostly to 60's jazz, some old fusion (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, etc). 14'x14' room, nearly acoustically dead (10' ceilings, though). I generally listen at low to medium volume levels. I'm looking for speakers that will complement the flexibility of this amp.

Thanks in advance-
I used to have a Mesa Tigris. I loved it's sound and playing around with all those pentode/ triode/ feedback settings, but ended up needing more power. Sounded fantastic with my Sennheisers too. From what I have read, Totem is a bit optimistic with it's efficency raqtings. The Arro's are supposed to have an efficiency of 87db but are probably closer to 85db. Totem speakers require alot of power to sing. They ould probably not work well with the Tigris. You should probably find some speakers that have at least a 91db efficiency rating. If I recall correctly, every 3db increase requires double the amp power. To power an 85 db rated speaker with the same gusto as a 91db rated speaker would require 4 times the power.
Check on Living Voice, speakers from UK!