Speakers For McIntosh MC352

I am currently looking at upgrading my speakers (Mirage M1's) and would like to know what other mac owners are using and what they think. I am looking at JM Lab, B&W and thiel but am open to other suggestions as well. By the way has anyone heard the McIntosh MCD201 cd player yet? I might pick one of these up instead of the speakers(Undecided) but am waiting for my local McIntosh dealer to get one in.
You mention the speakers that have been listed in a number of threads. I'll throw another name in the ring: Tannoy. I have a pair of D-700's with a MAC 2102/C2200 amp/pre combo and couldn't be happier. There is great synergy between MAC and Tannoy. It'll be worth the effort to follow up. Good Luck,

I absolutely love JM Labs with McIntosh. I find they are very synergistic together. Check out my system page for more info on my setup. However the three brands you have mentioned there are the three I recommend with McIntosh.
Don't know how helpful this is but always intrigued by folks who ask what speakers for a particular amp.Yes it can be done this way but I always think that source components should be as accurate as possible and are seperate but in my mind one should choose ultimate transducer (the speakers) that should have the greatest effect on sound.If one goes that route say with and easy load two way monitor than one can usully use less power and perhaps use tubes etc.Other speakers like a fave of mine the B&W 803N (or new D series which are incredible on top end and have a hefty price increase above the standard $5K to $8K for the enjoyment) might have a stated sensitivity of 90db but have a nasty impedance dip where a 100 watt solid state or 50 watt tube amp won't cut it.Your power level has precluded sopme speakers like say the new Quads or small two way monitors (which some crave even without the bass that can be augmented with a good fastr sub because of superior imaging (in the norm) or small two way monitors,yet you power may exceed this option,But that is fine.Good news for you is you hjave plenty of curent that should suffice with difficult loads and drive a wide variety of speakers.Having sold Mac for 6 years I know that it is forgiving ampno the last word in resolution mind you (I heard it side to side with Krell every day) but is very ,well "Muisical".If you are enamored by Thile it's an excellent choice.Thiel has very few fence sitters -some love them others find them to bright an even strident.But th e Mac is one of the best combos for that brand of speaker especilly if wire choice either softens or brightens things up to YOUR taste.Though not as fammilar with JM they do make a very good product gain one that is very good from the limited hearing I have given them.Others I would put on a list would be the Revel Salon which would cost twice as much if made by a small company as opposed a bilolion dollar parent copmpany like Harmon international.You mentioned a and English speaker (B&W and remeber that in the main speakers from a particular country IN THE MAIN are voiced top a domestic audience so you might like Harbeth,Spendor both of which have excellent product.Though differenet than the JM the Triangle speaker company has a broad line that may tickle your fancy.And just to be fully continetal think of the Italian brands like Sonus Faber (excellent cabinets).I own a german speaker the Odeon Tosca which unlike the Mirage or other canadian speakers are less colored much inn the vein of the Brits.A particular favorite is the Audio Physic linefrom Germany.In a addition to Revel and Tgile consider and listen if you can to the poular Aerial line.If looking for a tremendous bang for the buck the Usher company from Taiwan basically has coppied ther most expensive drivers like Scan Speak (so close in fact they are being sued) and use Dr.D'Appolitto designed cabintes (how many designers out there have a popular crossover designed/named after them!).But the bottom line is you have an excellent muiscal, amp but unfotunately you have not added other criteria to get serious help since you have nmot mentioned the rest of your system (make sure your pre- amp has true balanced circutry like yopur ampo with XLR inputs /outputs-a great matc would be the $4500 tube mac pre-what a sweetheart!) but you have not mentioned size of room or the ever important issue of price.Thgen speaker lines I mentioned are ones that offer a wide variety of sizes and prices.But would you be satisfied with a $K set of the new Gallo's or $22k top of the line Ariels of which has been saiud there may be more expensive set up's there is a point of diminishing returns and they may be expensive but you wouldn't bne getting more for spending more.Repeat the question with more criteria and the denizens here on A'gon or Audio Asylum will agree or msay this guy (me) is a fool.Or just follow upthis reply with said criteria and the question will be much easier.And me I'd defintely go for new fresh speakers rather than the Mac CD player.Digital improves every 6 months and waiting might be worth it.Give us more criteria in the response to this and then happy hunting and one hopes you live in an area where you can do some more listening.Or maybe go on an "audio vacation" and travcel to a place where you can line up speakers that appealk top YOUR ears.Then write back about wires and isolation devices and the advice will be much less broad and daunting.
Best of luck
With a McIntosh C-40 preamp, Marantz Digital front end, and the MC352, I absolutely enjoy music thru my Spendor SP100's. The Spendors are relatively sensitive speakers at 90 db but they still need power such as that of the MC352 to control the 12" woofers. The vocals are just intoxicating with this combo. I listen to mostly jazz and classical, at low-moderate volume levels. Hope this is helpful.
I am using Klipsch Klipschorns with the MC352. Would suggest that you DEMO the new Klipsch Cornwall III's. It is one of the best speakers that I have ever owned. MSRP is 3500 but can be found for less. With the MC352 there are too many choices-so the only limitations will be your budget. Let your ears decide.

I'm also waiting to DEMO a MCD201. Here is a link to a Mc users group. You will find some reports on Mc gear and see what others are using.

I've got a new mc 352 driving a pair of proac 1sc's and I'm using a mcd201 with no preamp.

This is a great combination........
Here is the rest of my system.

McIntosh MC352 Power Amplifier
McIntosh C2200 Pre Amplifier
Transparent Musiclink interconnects (supers are next)
Transparent Wave 100 speaker cable (Same thing)
Mirage M1 Speakers
Bang & olufsen Beomaster 5000 tuner
Carver S/DA 350 cd player (see why i'm excited about the MCD201)

Email me at chazz@berkshire .net.Having hrdtime withoutgoing service.Additional info I wanted to pass on.Beyond pos rating on A'Gon check my rating at Ebay under "chazzo" so you know I am not soime scammer from Poland with "Freindly advice"
Has anyone here heard the JM Lab Electra 946's?
I have several times. But you better have a large room if you want a smooth bass response. Otherwise, you need a 936 or 926. If properly setup, the Electras are sublime speakers for the money.
I have an MC402, driving a pair of Revel F30 speakers. I agree with a previous reply that Revel makes superb speakers that are good values for their price. A friend has the MC402 driving a pair of Revel Salons with an incredible sound. JM Labs makes some excellent speakers, too. I've heard the JM Labs Diva Utopia driven by Macs and they sounded nice, though for that price, I would be tempted to get the Revel Salons instead. If you like the British sound, I'd give the Spendor SP100's a listen. Spendor speakers sound incredible and the SP100 ought to make a nice match with your Mac.
there's a mcintosh dealer in whittier cal. since somewhere in the 50's. they like the martin logan speakers. any comments on this?
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