Speakers For McIntosh?


I just want to know what kind of speakers you Mcintosh fans are using and recommend.

I have been very happy with Thiels and my Mc's I used Thiel cs-6's and now the 7.2's with a mc-500 and now a mc-602 FWIW I am using Nordost Valhalla's to connect them
For music or HT...both?
For music, you might try the Thiels, NHT's, or other "matter of fact sounding speakers". The Mac's are forgiving and sweet on top. I think you'd be happy in this genre. Anything with that "transparent, uncolored, detailed sound" should do well. I can think of speakers like Maggies, Thiels, Wilson, Apogee, NHT's music line(not as refined ultimately), Talon, B&W Matrix 805's for cheap to Silver Sig's, Proac 2.5's, etc.
I would stay away from Sonus Faber, Mirage, Vandersteen, and other warmish and or veilied sounding speakers.
Otherwise, Macintosh's own speakers work well with those amps obviously. Good luck
If you were to do a search hereabouts on this subject you will invariably find reccommendations for Tannoy speakers, expecially if your amp is a tube amp. If it is solid state then many of the above suggestions are very valid. While I did shop Tannoy for my McIntosh 2102, I settled on a pair of Kef 205s.

Don't decide until you also get a chance to check out Magnapans(Maggies).
I think ust about any speaker will sound good with McIntosh except McIntosh. They still haven't gotten that speaker thing down pat yet
Been doing audio for over 40 years, first McIntosh in about 1967. Traded the Mac for ARC tubes and solid state (more than one of each), tried the big Bryston monoblocks with Maggie 3.5s. I’ve also owned the big Mac speakers (XRT-20) and Martin-Logan Monoliths. Last June, I purchased a Mac 2200 preamp and 2102 amp. I tried several speakers with them, most of which sounded good, but not quite what I liked (I was tired of Maggies and electrostats by then). Then I found the Von Schweikert VR-2s. The VR-2s with my Mac tubes is the best sound I've ever had, and certainly among the best I've heard at any price. By far the most MUSICAL system I've ever heard. The speakers took a long time to break in, so if you hear them, realize that they don't reach optimum for about 600-800 hours of hard listening. I have a large room (22 x 30) and these small speakers fill the room - I am still amazed. Von Schweikert says they have the transparency of electrostats, and I concur. The only thing I miss with the VR-2s is the lack of a really big sound (not soundstage, soundstage is great), but other things the speakers do more than make up for that – transparency, wide and deep soundstage, deep and tight bass and just an overall pleasing and balanced sound. The big speakers I’ve had don’t come close to what the VR-2s do. One caveat concerning the Mac equipment; good NOS tubes make a big difference, particularly in the amp (mine has JAN 6550As). Another thing that made a huge difference was a Richard Gray power cord on the amp and a RGPC 400 conditioner. If you don’t have a Von Schweikert dealer in your area, call or e-mail the company and they will give you the name of the national sales manager, a nice guy and very helpful.
I've been using my my Mac C42 / MC352 combo with Vandersteen 3A's.Superb match,with very natural smooth sound.All the audiophile adjectives apply.Great bass,mids,etc.Gives a slightly laid back,draws you into the music presentation.Not thrown in your face.Highly emotionally involving sound with absolutely no harshness.
I agree with Theo on McIntosh speakers. Don't bother.
I've used B&W N802's with my Mac for the last three years and still love the combination.
I recently purchased Mcintosh Pre(C2200) and Power (MC402) amps and finally have a tube/solid-state combination that makes my Meadowlark Blue Heron II's really sing. Incredibly musical combination for me, that allows me to appreciate a wide range of music without fatigue.
I have to agree with Theo. But, I'll vote On Paradigm, and Phase Tech.....
I'll scratch the Paradigm, Phasetech, and Vandersteen(TOOO laid back, veilied, and soft for my taste with Mac's), and other warm charactered speakers(don't understand the whole, "warm, warm, warm thing!"). I like a balance that say's "transparent!" personaly, not a colored, manufactured sound. I'll also add that I like Macintosh "THX movie speakers" with Macintosh for movies! I think they do just fine.
Klipsch speakers from the Heritage line.

Forte and Forte II
Heresy and Heresy II
La Scala

All have synergy with McIntosh stuff.
Have just upgraded from Maggie 1.6QRs to Quad ESL 988s with a pair of Mac MC-225s with an MX-110. Bi-amped the Maggies with the 2 225s which worked quite well. Will strap them for 50wpc for use with the Quads.

Also run a set of B&W CDM CNT (center channel speakers) in the office system with another MX-110 and an HK Citation II. Excellent bloom and detail in a smaller package. Not nearly the mid-range air as the Quads or the Maggies, though.


I am using an MC352
Thinking of thiels (CS3.6, CS6, or CS7.2)
or Sonus Faber (Cremona or Amati Homage)
Is the Mac too much power for the Sonus faber speakers?
After driving Apogee Duetta Signatures for 15 yrs w/ my MC7200 and C35, I am now faced with the question of where do I go from here? My Apogees are finally buzzing (bad Ribbons). This Combo has put me into Nirvana many times. However, my new quest will more likely be SoundLabs Ultimate 1's W/ The McIntosh MC602 and C200.
Harbeth Compact 7s, Spendor monitors, anything built to BBC specs, really (old Rogers speakers in good condition are tough but worthwile to find), are a match made in audio heaven.

Depends on your listening tastes and what amp you own but McIntosh 1201's and Thiel CS6's are quite impressive. Great dynamics, bass punch and velvet top end. The Thiel crossover's are well suited to McIntosh power, in my personal opinion.
I own the McIntosh MCD205 CD player and the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amplifier. The overall sound quality is excellent with my Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers (older model). The extra power plus the tube like quality of the MA6900 make these speakers really stand out. I was very surprised at how good it sounds and so were my friends. I recommend you pick 3-5 speakers and listen using your own electronics. Listen to music you are familiar with. cheers..