Speakers for McCormack

I have a McCormack DNA .5 amp and TLC-1 pre-amp and am looking for full range speakers that will make me feel like Billie Holliday is in my room. I thought that the Vandersteen C1s came close but were too big for wife and, surprisingly for their size, lacked bottom end. I want to feel the piano, etc. I would love to hear what others have to help me narrow my search.
Hi Stevie. I am using Thiel 22 with McCormack. It makes music really wonderful-especially for voice. Very very pinpoint and articulating...
You might want to take a look at the Hales Revelation line. Jazz is my favorite genre and I have Revelation 3s paired with a McCormack DNA-1. For the money the Hales are hard to beat. Check out both the 2 and 3 model. You might have a problem getting their size past your wife, though...
I'm using a TLC-1 and 0.5 Deluxe with a pair of ProAc Studio 150's and it's a wonderful match. Not the ultimate in bass extension but everything else, including the way they look, is exceptionally satisfying. Even after months of playing them they always sound better than I expect when I sit down to listen.
How much do you want to spend.
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HEY!! Questforsound,is your *word of mouth*and or repeat buisness so bad you're trying to sell here? What is it like to have no shame,at all??? Members aren't supposed to post mds for sale.Are dealers excluded from this???