Speakers for MC240/C22

I recently inherited an MC240 amp and C22 preamp from the early 1960s that were my grandfathers. Single owner, I'm told they were refurbished recently (haven't been used in at least 2 years maybe longer). I listen mostly to indie rock but also some jazz and classic rock.

I'm basically starting from scratch, so need speakers and a turntable. Eventually hoping to get a DAC. I'm a student, so have a low budget, hoping to be at/below $500 for speakers. I've been looking at paradigms and PSBs mostly, from all the great reviews they get for their lower-priced lines. I don't mind buying used or waiting for a deal.

I'm worried about the low power of the MC240 w/ speakers, especially since I can't test on the equip before i buy.

Advice? Thanks!
Try the Joseph Audio speakers. It pairs welll with speakers in 84-88db sensitivity
Well I have an MC225 and I'm running Avalon NP2s (90db). I feel my amp has plenty of headroom, although I do live in an apartment and rarely can listen above 88db.
For a budget of under $500 and with that nice vintage gear, I would recommend a pair of vintage speakers. It will be hard to beat a pair of Hereseys for bang-for-the-buck, and they are readily available for under $500. A pair of KG-4s shouldn't cost you more than $200. Also you might look at a pair of Snell Ks,Js or Es (not the /III versions). All of these will work great with your amp and are available for well under your budget. You can use put the savings towards a starter turntable rig.
I pair my MC-40s with original Snell E's. I got them very inexpensively, but that allowed me to have them re-built by Miller Sound. Very happy... I should mention that the Macs are not quite original: upgraded caps and rca's.