Speakers for Manley amps

What would be a good speakers choice for Manley power amps? 

I know for Eveanna Manley uses Tannoy’s with her Snappers.  Might be good place to start. When I had my Snappers I used them on a pair of B&W Signature 805’s and later on my Proac D-30R.The B&W’s worked well with the Snappers but things really improved when matched with the Proac’s. The Proac’s are much easier to drive and I was able to run them in Triode mode with little loss of dynamics.The mid-range and sound staging were sublime.

The Snappers are great amps. Hope your enjoying them.

MAGICO A3s would sound wonderful.
Joseph has often been shown with Manley 
Emerald Physics open baffle speakers should be an awesome match. They are very efficient and an easy load to amplifiers. They should sound magical with Manleys
Tannoy GRs.  Your work is done...