Speakers for MA6300


Currently I have ma6300 with spendor s3/5 bookshelves speakers and want to upgrade speakers. So far I have been looking at reviews on SF Liuto tower, other Spendor floor standings (A5 or A9), B&W etc. Can you suggest some good speakers that will be driven with ma6300 so I can go to shops to try out? My budget is around 4-7K and mostly listen classical music. Thank you.
I don't know if its such a good thing to make price a major issue. I would first go by just sound quality. Many times, you find that what you end up liking can cost a lot less than what you were willing to spend in the first place.

I don't think you can go wrong with a bigger pair of Spendors. With your amp on classical music, I would recommend looking at a pair of Vandersteen's. Either the 2's or 3's, and maybe even a pair of the matching subs. Of all the brands I've tried over the years, I do like Vand. the best. I also had a pair of ProAc Response 2.5's that I thought were excellent, as well. For something very good, but a little different, you may like the sound of a pair of older Martin Logan's. A pair of SL3's should be an excellent match for your amp.
You have a very nice amp and it will have no problem driving just about anything that is out there. And there is a lot out there. So it is up to you to figure out what sounds best to you.

Sonus Fabers and the larger Spendors are nice speakers. So find a dealer and start with these. If I am not mistaken, both use soft dome tweeters. If you like the way they sound, then check out comparable models with soft dome tweeters from manufacturers like Vienna Acoustics and Dynaudio. You will have no problem finding models from these manufacturers that approach and exceed your budget. You will also find models from each company that are way under and may provide the sound that you are looking for less. Price is not necessarily an indicator of what speaker that may sounds best to us.

B&W's use metal dome tweeters. Select some floor standers from this company and others that use metal domes. PSB, Monitor Audio and Focal are some that come to mind. Audition a bunch of these and see if you prefer the sound of these types of drivers. Finally, bring your own music that you know very well to the auditions. Good luck and have fun in looking for the speakers that are best for you.
I am running new Vandersteen 2 with my MA6600 and love the combination.