Speakers for Luxman L 505 u

I finally got my Luxman L505u. After only 10 hours of
listening sound is great but because of my speakers,
JBL L100 t3 it's like I have two subwoofers and bass
dominates, so I am looking for smaller speakers that
would sound good with Luxman. I was thinking to try with
Paradigm Studio 40. My room is 17'x 11.5 x 9
I would really appreciate opinions.
What is your budget?
Hello Bobheintaz
My budget at this moment is $3000.
Thanks for reply
I would hope you've tried different speaker placement. I keep hearing the Luxmans are great with bass, but that seems like something's amiss.
Unless you're just ready to change speakers in general.
I've been hearing great things about the Luxmans and Harbeths...the 7 es3's would be in your budget.
good luck..
ditto the Harbeths
I used to have the L-505f(model before the 505u) and the tone controls were outstanding.

What does turning the bass down do?

Also I would not do anything for 2 weeks to give the L-505u some time to break in.

In the mean time keep looking at speakers you might try.
Kiza, how is your feeling about the L-505u compared with your previous Plinius 9100?
I'm listening to mine through Vandersteen 2ce sigs. WONDERFUL!
You base your amplifier around speakers, not the other way around.
These amps are quite powerful and have finesse.
The atc s seems to be a good vote with them, just the same way with Harbeths and Spendors.
I would first try using the tone controls, or examine what in your room is possibly leading to this bass issue. I don't believe you absolutely have to build your system around your speakers, but in my experience it's easier just because shipping speakers is a hassle.
The JBL L96 are a good match though...or just get a pair of Spendor's.
The L505u got a pretty good bass extension so you might want to be very careful with matching the speakers. Some would struggle to give you the full benefit of this amp. If I were you, I would go full range and your budget should be able to cover it.