Speakers for Luxman components

I am not an audiophile but I do spend a lot of time listening to my system. My system is 15 years old and consists of a matching set of Luxman components: power amp, pre amp, tuner, CD player, and cassette recorder. These electronics are in excellent condition and I do not want to replace them. I am searching for a set of tower speakers to go in a small room against the wall. Size is a real consideration. I am looking to spend $2000. Need help in directing me to the used stereo market or a good recommendation for new speakers.
I had the Luxman 384 Integrated (tube-pre), and I currently have an m-2000/c-1010 combo (from the mid 70s) and both worked extremely well with my Mission 753s. They're British and they don't have a huge prescence here, but they're more readily available than they used to be. I think the retail list is around $2200 (depending on finish), but they probably sell for $1600, or so. The 752s are also excellent, and both models are made to work 8" from the back wall. Both are great models for the price.
I think you have excellent equipment. I used to import Luxman (to Norway), and the build quality and sound were very good. Speakers normally do not sound well against a wall. Unless:The speakers are specifically designed for such a placement, which is the case with norwex B-2 Nisse. These are not tower speakers, though, but you can place them on the custom made stands close to the front wall with great results. B-2 Nisse are $995 a pair, stands $195 a pair, and should you want more bass, the norwex SW-1 Troll subwoofer is $695. Read SoundStage! and their opinion on bass from these small speakers by themselves! (www.soundstage.com). With all the above you still have change for your $2000, and this is for NEW equipment with 5 year warranty! If interested, also check our web site out: http://norwex.homepage.com. Harald Aasland