Speakers for Luxman 550 AII

I need advice from Luxman owners pls,
I'm listening to Dynaudio 1.3se's with the 550 a II. 1.3se's come up for sale every month or two for around $1,800. They usually sell quickly so you would have no problem getting your money back if they are not to your taste. I did try Harbeth SHL5's but found I couldn't live with their cabinet resonance/lack of bass definition. Good luck
Try an efficient speaker like Vandersteen, DeVore, Verity or Zu.
I don't agree abaut bass of Harbeth shl5,for me it very well defined,not booming,it provides real bass of intruments and not energy of port pumping the air(many speakers do that and I consider wrong presentation of bass).
Found this review of the Luxman l-550 aii and they used two speakers:

"two-way Proac Response D18 (88db/8Ω) as well as the Klipsch Heresy MKIII with a sensitivity of 99db/8Ω."

The reviewer liked the Klipsch Heresy MKIII with the L-550 aii better. Link to the review