Speakers for low level listening

I'm currently using Vandersteen 3a Signatures and am starting to think these might not be the best speaker for my needs. I predominantly listen at low to moderate levels. The Vandersteens just seem a little to polite at these levels (coincidentally someone else is selling a pair for this same reason). I'm using them in a relatively small room with not so good acoustics (which could be part of the problem and I'm working on that) and driving them with Audio Research tube electronics. I'm interested in others recommendations for a speaker that excels at low levels. Please keep this limited to $5000 new. Thanks!
I believe somebody else started this exact same thread just a month or two ago. You should do a search.

That being said, as I recall, the concensus was that planer type speakers (i.e. Martin Logan, Quad, Sound Lab, etc..) were the best way to go. (Which I agree with, as I felt my previous speakers, (Martin Logan Sequel II's) sounded quite good at low levels).
Try the Talon Raven-Cs they sound pretty much the same at all volume levels, you get amazing dynamics and detials and can use a SS or tube amp. Slightly more new with discount.

Happy Listening.
also Thiel CS1.6
Here is the thread that Kurt_tank is probably thinking of:
It was easy to find using the "search archives" function found in the forums main menu.

Good luck!

keep it to a higher efficiency design to reveal better low-level detail- I had the Coincident Victory, and it was superb in this regard...
If you like inner detail, depth and great soundstage - ProAc 2.5 or 3.8's depending on your pocket. I have 3.8's and never looked back!
Thanks for the replies! I did do a search of the archives but something must have been wrong with the system because I didn't get anything back. The proper search term can also be a problem some times. I did start looking through all the speaker posts but my eyes went before I found anything. Thanks to Essentialaudio for finding it for me. As for the suggestion on the Talons I heard a couple of the models (don't recall which ones) at the Home Entertainment show in San Francisco this past summer and was not impressed. I have heard the ProAcs and liked them, but didn't have an opportunity to try them in my room. Just in the last couple of months a local dealer picked them up so I may try them at home.
"Nothing" can touch the old quad 57 esl at low volume levels!

Good question. Most speakers do not sound very good at
low levels. That is largely the human ear at work. I
find using an equalizer will solve the problem if you
equalize carefully and listen at low levels. Considerable
bass increase may be necessary for low level listening, but
use your ear as the best measure...Carl
PCwizard is correct, the Proacs are very listenable at low levels, particularly the older towers that can be filled with sand. You will need a low-impedance amp to drive them or the bass will be out of control.
My Thiels...(3.5's)..I guess it helps when they produce res up the kazoo!..all kidding aside..try some Thiels, sometimes, I listen to classical late at night. My Sound lab Pristines were also good in that regard. Hope this helps you
Steve (audioengr), what do mean by a low-impedance amp?