Speakers for Leben CS 300XS

I have a Leben CS 300XS and am running Zu Soul Superflys (which I love). I'm in the process of cleaning up a lot of old gear and am thinking about picking up a second set of speakers that might make a nice foil to the Zu's. I've been looking at:

-Triangle Cometes or Altea
-Proacs (would love recommendations)
-Dynaudios (would love recommendations here, too)
-Devore Fidelity Gibbon 3XLs

Any other thoughts with this amp or a similar el84 amp (it puts out 15w or so)? My listening room is 9 x 20.
Audio Note...any model
Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo
Harbeth C7ES3.
Unless you have a very large room, don't worry about the low power, or the speakers sensitivity.
Merlin TSM-mm
Any of the Devore Fidelity speakers would be a great match.
Howdy...agreed, Devores would be great.
Skip the Harbeths this time around. You really need more power (and I love the Harbeths)

One you may not be familiar with is the Totem Sttafs---a thing of beauty with the lil Leben.

One other thing, PLEASE do not mate the great Leben with any Dynaudios.....blah...
I am running Devore nines...Bliss
When I've heard Leben and Devore together on several occasions, I've had to stop myself from reaching for the credit card. They sound sublime together.
Living Voice IBXR2's
I have Devore Super 8's paired with my 300XS in a 15x15 room.
It is a incredible match.
Tonian Acoustic TL-D1
Another vote for DeVore Super 8's.
I would choose between any of the Devore models and some Coincident Technology models. They all are easy to drive.
The Coincident Technology Triumph Extreme monitors are 94 db and sound excellent. They also make a passive subwoofer that also acts as a stand for the monitors, making for an exzcellent combo. Of course, the more expensive Coincident floor standers are excellent.

Another great floor stander is the Vaughn Cabernet. At about $8,500 delivered it is an outstanding value and an excellent performer. There is a great review on it online in Stereomojo.