Speakers for Krell s300i

Any suggestions for best speakers to be paired with Krell s300i? I currently have the Polk Audio LS90. While I love the speakers with my old Denon 2802, I think they don't match well with Krell. The sound stage can use more depth I think? Suggestions?
hi. are you looking for moniters or full range? and what price range.
I listened to set of the Magnepan 1.7 with a Krell S300i at my friend's audio store and I thought it sounded great. I have listened to many systems that cost many times more than the S300I and the Magnepan 1.7s. I would rank this combo in the top 4 or 5. Be sure to get good cabling because the better the equipment the more revealing of poor items in the chain and that is where I see a lot of systems fall short.
The Krell should be able to drive about anything; find speakers that you like the sound of, don't worry about the Krell, it is not sensitive to speaker types or impedance's in the way some amps are. It is a much better amp than the Denon and reveals the deficiencies of the Polks that the Denon hides.Get the best you can afford, the Krell will be up to them.
The local dealer where I live paired Krell with B&W. I heard the KAV 400xi with a pair of B&W 603's awhile back. I thought the combination sounded real good with acoustic jazz.. Didn't get to listen to other types of music, though.
For what it's worth, I liked the 400xi with Maggie 1.6s. Similar to the experience thesoundhouse had with the 1.7s.
I switched speakers to Martin Logans and did not like the combo at all. Thin and 2D compared to the Primare integrated I replaced the Krell with.
Thats for the feedback. In response to Dmastri, I would prefer full range speakers. I should have mentioned the budget, (the reality check) which is up to say, $5K.

I agree with the comment that Krell will reveal weaknesses that the Denon could not. I thought if anything, the sound stage seems thinner especially in the lower end of the mid-range.

Looking forward to more comments.
I intend to pair them with the PSB Synchrony ONEs. . . I just got delivery of my s300i. . . it was not in stock for a while and seems to have hit the markets finally!