speakers for krell kav 400 ix

what floorstanding speaker is a good match for the krell kav 400ix ?
sonus faber or Magnepan 1.6
It depends on what type of music reproduction you like. IMO this unit is detailed, clear and a little cold sounding. The antithesis to a warm sounding amp or a tube amp. Try to find a speaker that complements this sound or maybe a warmer speaker that will mitigate this sound, which ever you prefer. I use B&W's which sound good but can add to the "sterilty" of the presentation, detailed but cool. It's fairly recording dependent as well.
i listen mostly to rock, jazz, r&b and so on.
I am a big fan of krell and totem. Based on your room and needs, there are several very good matches, but the Hawk is a very good value.
This is exactly my dilemna. I am planning to get a Krell KAV 400 Xi and am wondering what floor standers to get with them. I considering the Sonus Faber Concert Grand Piano Home, The Focal JM Labs Electra 926, the Spendor S 9E and so on. Any thoughts on ths / experiences would be much appreciated.
A few weeks ago I brought my amp over to a buddies house who had just picked up the B&W N804's. Whoa. Did this combo sound amazing. Dynamic, clear, punchy, wide open and detailed. In a word, great. Check out a set of these.
I heard the Spendors with the Krell at a Hi Fi show in Bangkok. Thought the sound was excellent.
Hooked up my B&W S805s and it was a bit hard or edgy to my ears.
That brite red display is a bit much. You may want to cover it with duct tape.
I would suggest the Nautilius line from B&W