Speakers for Jolida 302B?

I have a Jolida 302BRC and I would like to know what used speakers people would suggest upgrading to. I've looked at Quad 11L2's and 12L2's in the $300-$500 range used (and shipped). What else pairs well with Jolida? I'd prefer to spend less than $400.

Also, any suggestions on cables to connect with? I see Morrow has a sale right now.
paradigm studio 20 or 40 for stand mount
Wharfedales are very good for the money.
Monitor Audio has a number of products that may work for you. I used to like the Silver line but not sure if still in production-buy used anyway more for your money!
Do any of you have experience with these speakers and the Jolida amp I have?
Long time ago, first exposure to tubes...JoLida 302B w/Totem Hawks. Spent a very enjoyable afternoon auditioning gear. Don't really know used prices on Hawks these days. Whether it works for you will depend on the kind of music you listen to...that combination won't peel paint.
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