Speakers for Ht or Audio

Is their a difference in parts(crossovers,enclosures or drivers)in speakers designated solely for music and speakers sold as for Home Theater(not packages either,I'm talking floorstanders)My interest is in 2 channel music, my current speakers are sold as a Home theater speaker(Jmlab)but I was wondering if their could be sutle differences in sound as opposed speaker sold for music only.
There's too many varriables. Speaker parts are speaker parts however. And it's all dependent on what the manufacture has in mind. Your speakers may or may not be designed with a PRIORITY in mind...you'd have to call JM labs and ask em. As for the sound, that's all dependent on your ear! If they're good for you with music, you shouldn't need to worry, right?
I do notice that most of JM labs speakers are DIAPPOLITO design speakers, which do offer a more FLEXIBLE advantage in making a generally more effective HT speaker, in that it helps maintain FOCUS, DYNAMICS, COHERENCE, and limits ceiling/floor relfections for less coloration. Diapploito designed speakers, in my experiences, generally have an advangtage for HT, if not considering the likes of horns, active speakers, or THX designed speakers. This is especially true in larger rooms with modest ceiling heights. In smaller rooms, where you sit closer to the speakers, this is not as much of a problem. However, using dual mid/bass drivers tends to make a faster more dynamic and solid sounding pressention from the speakers. Infact this is why a lot of good Rock and Roll speakers use the Diappolito config.
Good luck
Depending on your tastes, I would say yes, but if you ask the manufacturer, they will tell you their speakers will work well in both applications. I don't know of one manufacturer that will design a crossover solely for two channel audio. I don't know that you would want to use a monitor type speaker like the B&W N805 in a home theater application without a sub, but I would use it in a two channel setup without a sub. To me, that is about the only difference.
I use newforms and they do well on both music and movies. Andrew Marshall at Audio Ideas also uses them....There are surely more speakes that will do both well.....I would think your speakers would do fine for both. If you like how they perform I wouldn't worry about it. There'll always be something better out there. That's the nature of the hobby...good listening
depending on budget,you may want to look into Joseph Audio speakers. They do music and HT well.