Speakers for HT for my EAD amp and pre-amp

Having just upgraded my amp to the EAD PM1000 to go with my EAD TM Encore, I am looking for HT (front, centre and surround) speakers at a budget of $5,000. This will only be used for HT as I have separates for music.

Initial thoughts are the M&K 750 THX Select or the Dynaudio 122, 122C and the 42W.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

You bought expensive EAD equipment, only to match it with less expensive speaker sellections!!!???...doesn't make sense. The speakers are at least 40-50% of the sound of the system, and should be given the most priority as far as gear goes! I think you put the cart before the horse here!! Also, you didn't mention about what kind of room size they were going in, so some variable are not available to factor in at this point!...?
Anyway, My suggestion, if you looking at something like the only satisfactory M&K 750 Select system, that you save up some more money or whatever, and buy yourself some better quality transducers!!!!...you're ears and friends will thank you for it!
At any rate, if you must spend on the bargain basement speakers, and are looking at more home theater universal friendly speakers, you might want to consider spending the bulk of your budget on quality front 3 speakers, and good subwoofer (or two)!!!...leaving the rears to upgrade at a later date if necessary. Dunlavy Audio Makes some very good for the money movie monitors in the SCIAV's (see www.dunlavyaudio.com)!!!! There are a few Audio Writers out there that use these bookshelf monitors for Home Theater Dubties, like Steve Stone and Robert Deutsch of Stereophlie for example, and the work great!!!..They're highish sensitivity, easy to drive, sound extremly deailed and dynamic when set-up correclty ( they do best next to at least one wall, etc.), and are Diappolito configured for maximum dynamic focus and intelligibility!!! They only got a Class C rating from Stereophile though (if you care), but that's because, by themselves, they only play down to 70hz effectively, and can thus sound a little light weight and tipped up on top because of it! You must mate these with a subwoofer, and some smooth to warm sounding interconnects and cables as a result. But when they're don right, they're dynamite little home theater performers!!!! They're lightning fast, dynamic and clear!..and only $750 ea
Others to concider with your EAD Equipment, excluding powered speakers, would be the new fabulous Audio Pro's that reatil for $1000/pr! They were just reviewed in the current issue of Stereophiles guide to HT, and they indeed sound fantastic!...probably the best for the money period! they're also higher sensitivity, very dynamic sounding, and are more audiophile refined than just about anything else fo rhe money! I've head these, and they excell! Some NHT Super Two's and center (now discontinued...but still floating around)also work very very well for few $'s. These sound terific for HT dubties in the right room/set-up..but I'd spend more for your equipment definitely!. The Super Two's are only $750/pr retail (cheeper on the net). The Dynaudio's are lower sensitivity types as ell, and have some dissadvantages with dynamic effortlessness here, and should be set to "small" on your pre/pro for sure!...as should most speakers.
There are some things to concider here however. ONe, if your room is bigger, and you sit far away comparatively, you might concider Diappolit (driver tweeter driver) congigured speakers over traditional stereo configured (driver tweeter layout's) speakers. Reason being is that the THX Ultra and Diappolito's will bring less of the room into the sound you hear from ceiling and floor revlections! They also tend to sound more focused, dynamic and hard hitting compared to simple stacked two way's and such! You can get away with THX select and more traditional "open" sounding speakers in smaller rooms, where you hear less reflections in relation to your main speakers!
Anyway, enjoy your hunt....
Thanks for your comprehensive advise. My room is 18x10 feet only and I do have a sub woofer the M&K MX125 MarkII. That was why I was after the M&K 750 system. I will only use this for HT as I have the ARC VT100 and the LS 15 and Meridian 508.24 CD player matched with Monitor Audio 20se.

I love the tube sound for audio and that is why I am having separates for HT. I will be moving to a bigger place later this year with room size about 20x15 feet.