Speakers for Home Theater/Audio for 8K

I have recently purchased a Denon AVR 5803 and am looking for a good speaker system. I intend to use the system for HT 80%, audio 20% (mostly straight ahead jazz). Although I have been impressed with the Martin-Logans and have previously owned Magnepans (which I loved, driven with an Adcom GFA 555), the room which the system will now reside limits an adequate spacing for these speakers (placing the front speakers 4 ft. from the wall would truncate the room). The room is 18x24 with 10 ft ceilings. The television is on the long wall with about 4 ft from open passageways on either side. Given some of these limitations, I would appreciate any suggestions. Current systems I have been reviewing include the B&W 802, Snell - Xa90/Xa55cr, Definitive Tech. BP-2000TL. I was ready to purchase the Def Techs but reviewing some of the discussions on this site as well as comments from my audiophile friends made me reconsider my options. I still have not ruled out the Martin-Logans and if any of you have a suggestion about placement, I would love to hear them.

My budget is about 8K and used speakers are certainly welcome. Please suggest any other system that you feel I may find interesting. I realize that ultimately it comes down to taste, but since I have shared some of my previous likes I hoped this would help in the discussion.

I would take a look at Von Schweikert speakers, the company offers HT package deals to their dealers or if there is no dealer you should be able to buy direct, also they have a new speaker called the VR4 Jr coming out in Jan that you might want to audition.
If I had the funds I would seriously look at Aerial Acoustics.
I have not heard the following, I've only read good reviews on: Tyler Acoustics, PMC, and Legacy.
For what it's worth my first two choices would be Von Schweikert or Aerial Acoustics.
Best of Luck.
I auditioned my lowly B&W cdm1nt's with a velodyne sub on a Denon 5803. At home, I use them with a bryston B-60 integrated amplifier and the sound quality is sooo much better than the Denon. I think that N802's, Martin Logans or any high $$$ speaker would need higher quality electronics to justify the expense. If I were in your shoes, I would check out the B&W 700 series (the cdm replacement line)...save yourself the $$$ and put it into a good 2 channel system if you desire.

Jst my 2c
Thanks for the responses. I did have a chance to listen to the Aerials and I am duly impressed. Thanks Sedona for the excellent recommendations.

Your answers touch upon a debate which appears to be prevalent on the boards, ie, should one purchase a separate amp/preamp processor or is a good receiver (like the Denon 5803) sufficient? Some alternatives that have been given to me include later upgrading the system with the Denon being used as a preamp and another amplifier added. It almost seems an anathema to use a Denon with an excellent speaker system like the Aerials as Ellery911 seems to suggest.

Well, this is just my personal opinion, but if you placed the Denon and any number of separate amp/preamp combos that equal the price of the Denon behind a curtain and asked twenty people to give their opinions, the majority wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them. I owned the B&K AVR 305 receiver and thought it was a fantastic piece of equipment. I also owned the Bel Canto 200.2 digital amp and thought that was great, but not so much that I could tell the difference between them. Again, just my opinion. I would stay with the Denon, at least for now, and focus on getting the right speakers.

Aerial Acoustic 7b or 8b, CC3b center, and SR3 surrounds would be an absolute killer home theater package. A couple pairs of used 7b's went for around $2500 this week on Audiogon and there is someone currently selling a pr of the 7b and CC3b - all in natural cherry - for $4500 obo - personally I would offer $3500 and then find a used/demo pr of the SR3's. Go to the Aerial website and check out their reviews for 2-channel and as a home theater package.

Unfortunately at this time I cannot afford the Aerial's, but I am also a fan of the Von Schweikert speakers. I've owned them in the past (2 channel) and will again in the very near future. I have to believe their home theater setup would also be outstanding.

Keep us informed as you go along.
If upgrading is something you are going to do in the future, then by all means...get the best speakers you can. Personally, I am a fan of B&W and if you like the N802 then I say go for it. Just remember to bring the speakers out into the room so that the television is not between them destroying the soundstage...Enjoy...
An audiophile friend insists I consider the Linkwitz Orion. He visited Siegfried's house and listened to them. This choice may seem tangential but I was wondering if any of you or anyone else had an opinion about these unique speakers? It appears the speakers are more for audio and not HT, I don't see any center or surrounds. It also comes with its own amp.
I agree completely with Ellery911 - whichever speakers you purchase, keep them as far out into the room as you can - I also agree the B&W 802N is a great speaker - a few used prs on Audiogon are currently going for $5500.

My thought process is this: if you can get the used 7b and cc3b on Audiogon for say $4000 - a used pr of the SR3 for $1500 - your whole surround system would cost what one pair of the B&W 802's would cost.
And, if your budget is $8000 - that would leave you with $2500 - IF you wanted to purchase a separate amp right now, upscale Audio has a demo B&K Ref 7270 MK II for $2300 - as a 7 channel amp it would allow you to expand, or you could purchase a beefy 5 channel now. There are other great 5 channel amps available - Bel Canto, Bryston etc. I can't ever see the need for 7 speakers - again my personal opinion.
I would still wait until after you try the Denon.
keep us informed.
I think I read your friends review on another forum - I have never heard Linkwitz Orion and I don't believe they have a setup for HT - it appears to be part of the do-it-yourself type of speakers - which is ok - I just know I hire someone to do my taxes - fix my teeth - repair my car, etc, etc, so there isn't the slightest possibility I would I make my own speakers - If you have that particular skill and like the sound, and only want two channel, go for it - it really boils down to what your ears tell you is best for you.
Agreed Sedona..you don't go to a psychiatrist for a colonoscopy. But I am not sure you know that the Orions can now be ordered as a completely built system. I spoke with Linkwitz today and after some deliberation, I think I will probably stay with the Aerials. My audiophile friend has the Anthem Beethoven Grands (Linkwitz design) in his house and as far as he is concerned the Orions equal the quality of the Anthems at 1/10 the cost and with a smaller footprint. Having heard his Anthems I can attest to the beauty of the system. It may be of interest that neither he nor Linkwitz believe a center channel is necessary using the Anthems or Orions. In some respects, the revolutionary design of the speakers addresses or answers some of the limitations of box speakers making a side by side comparison unrealistic. Anyway, he also agreed that I would be happy with the Aerials.
Sorry, I need to see a psychiatrist. Of course, I meant to say the Audio Artistry Beethoven, not Anthem.
Psdermpath1 - you're right, I didn't know the Linkwitz could be ordered as a complete kit. I also don't know what they cost. Also, when I had my Von Scheikert Vr4 Gen III's, I didn't feel a center channel was necessary so I never got one. I do know the Aerial CC3b is considered one of the very best center channels available.
Keep us informed - I'll check this thread for an update.
The Linkwitz site is at this url...


Completely built with ATI amp, it retails for $6500.
Thanks for the web site address - interesting speaker considering all that comes with it.
I've been to the home of Siegfried Linkwitz and have heard
his Orion loudspeakers. I came away a real fan. They're
just about the only dynamic loudspeaker I've ever heard
which compared to my X-Static EC-X curved diaphram
electrostatic loudspeakers. I'm selling my EC-X's because
they're just too big for my living room and plan to build
a pair of the Orion's to replace them. I don't anticipate an
improvement with the Orion's, but they'll take up a lot less
space. I consider both the Orion and the EC-X to be some of
the very finest sounding loudspeakers I've ever heard, at
any price.
Take a look at the Mcintosh Academy series. I'm very pleased with mine. If you go to the site there is a link to the review in The Perfect Vision. I purchased my stuff over the internet and used. I like the highs and bass more than the B&W N802 which had been my first choice. My room is 25 by 17 with 9 foot ceiling and the Mcintosh LS360s work fine in it. Check www.audioclassics.com for some used gear. The Mcintosh speakers are sort of a sleeper line that many are missing because Mc isn't really known for speakers. Audition them, I think you'll be surprised at how clean they are. They have a 5 tweeter bessel array which give the same sort of room filing highs as an electro-stat in my opinion without the placement limitations which was the final thing that made me decide to purchase them. Also you can clearly hear pitch changes in the bass but the Martin Logans are just as good in this regard. I couldn't hear clear pitch changes in the bass with the N802 but it does have a great midrange. My second choice would be the Martin Logans then B&W natilus. The Mcintosh line give me everything that I love about Martin Logans without the limitations.