Speakers for Hip Hop and vocal???

I am a college student looking for speakers that will play any kind of music. I know hi fi speakers are not really meant for hip hop but I happen to like hi fi and hip hop at the same time. I listen mostly to vocal, pop, and hip hop. I heard the Krell resolution 3 before, and I really like that up front presentation but it is way over my budget. My budget is $1500 for a used pair in a small to medium size room. Thanks for all suggestions.

from ray
I would recommend Snell B-Minors. There is a pair for sale on audiogon right now. I have a pair myself. They are classic rock'n'roll speakers and will give great bass for hip hop and the vocals are beautiful. They play everything well. A true classic speaker. The only "problem" may be their size in a small room, though I wouldn't let that hold you back. They are rarely for sale. The price for this pair is right and within your budget. The only issue is going to be packing and shipping.

"I know hi fi speakers are not really meant for hip hop"

That's some wrong thinking there!

I would rec. splitting your budget between a sub and satellite, ie.

ATC SCM12's and Rel Strata, or a Velodyne F1200, Paradigm
Reference 1500?, you get the idea. Add a Behringer Feedback destroyer ($90) to Flatten out the room bumps and EQ the crossover point between the satellites and the sub. Done. Reference system on a budget... Add 100watt integrated and CD player

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Hip Hop has its challenges, but no job is difficult if you buy the right tools.

PS: that system will play jazz as well as any (refined?) audiophiles speaker.
Klipsch Herressy (not version II's).
Way less than your budget, lotsa bass, efficient as hell, and you will be less likely to explode when someone spills beer on them.