Speakers for Heavy Metal

I currently have a pair of Odyssey Lorelei speakers and they are a bit thin sounding with metal.  I'd like something a little beafier and warm.  I'm driving them with a Pass X150.5 and a Metrum Hex DAC.  Any thoughts on something below 2k that doesn't require a subwoofer?
What dB level are you listening at and what is the size of your room?

Kudos for not asking for the "best" heavy metal loudspeaker.
Altec and JBL
I'll pick up vintage JBL L800 if you can find.
How about a restored pair of KEF 104/2s? I have a pair of KEFs and when I've played all sorts of metal they have made me head bang lots. \m/ \m/


I was in the same situation as you.  I had Odyssey Kismet speakers which are the Lorelei with a much beefier crossover with more expensive caps.  They sounded a little thin with my choice of music which includes a very big dose of Pink Floyd.  I only listen to rock on this particular system.  I tried a pair of Tekton Pendragons but didn't care for the sound as the bass was thinner than with my Kismet speakers!

I lived with this system for 2 years and 2 days before last Christmas, I took delivery of a pair of Golden Ear Triton 2 speakers.  All I can say is wow.  Bass, and great bass which is very articulate and true.  The Triton 2 blows away my Kismets on rock music in my room.  Keep in mind I am driving these speakers with a 100wpc tube integrated amp.

I also own a pair of the Golden Ear Triton 1 speakers which are in my main system.  The Triton 2 are almost as good as the 1.  Right now there are about 4 pairs of Triton 2 speakers for sale on Audiogon.  The reason being because the Triton 2+ just came out.  In December, when I was looking for a pair of the Triton 2 speakers, there were none for sale.  I even posted a Want To Buy ad on Audiogon looking for a pair but no one was selling.  I ended up buying new which I hate to do.  You can probably negotiate a good deal on a pair now.

Get a boom box and keep on trucking .

I'm a metal maniac from way back. I've blown a few rail fuses in various amps. A tube rectifier in a couple. 
I've had several full range speakers that sounded great with metal. Thiel, Soundwave by Vero Research, vintage Electrovoice 12TRXB,etc.
One speaker that really impressed me with heavy music was Paradigm Studio Reference 100's. They go plenty deep, easy to drive and look like they mean business.
I know many look down on Paradigm, but I don't.
I'd check out the modern, upper Paradigm line.
Since retirement, I'm now an apartment dweller. I've also had to retire my big full rangers. 
Now my Grado Allesandro MS-2's do metal exceptionally well, and my tube can amp doesn't have a fuse.
You have awesome electronics for some Dynaudio speakers!

Matt M
I have gone though literally dozens of speakers the past 15 years.
Wilson Sophia 1& 2, Piega, Merlin, harbeth, Focus audio, Revel and even Tritons... If you want to do heavy metal you need a big woofer, and a big speaker - I currently have a pair of Cornscala speakers they are a more modern approach to the klipsch Cornwall. If you can fit them in you decor, then I would suggest a pair of used Cornwalls. You can pick them up used for around $1000. If you don't like em you can resell them for no loss. Don't listen to people who knock them - most haven't herd a properly set up pair. You won't be disappointed....
Hard Rock and Heavy Metal are very difficult to reproduce in our home systems (for an unknown reason?).

Few audiophile speakers can get it right. I tend to agree w/ the above advice and would add for consideration, B&W, Infinity and Thiel, loudspeakers.
These would be from the 1990's vintage.

Also, Klipsch Cornwall or Cornscala are excellent for Rock music.
The cornwall is a very large speaker that requires a larger space to stretch out.


Dominator MX-10's.  Here's a video of them in action...


Back in the day I worked at a Klipsch dealer (and met Paul once) and though I was not a big fan of his speakers, they are "the bomb" when it comes to rock and roll.  So I agree with some of the other postings about snagging a pair of Cornwalls.  If you can accommodate a pair of (corner installed) Klipschorns, that would be even better.  Both are really excellent at rock and roll.  I would not say the same for the La Scala, they don't seem to have the same "punch" and "extension" in the bass, but you'll probably enjoy the Corwalls or Klipschorns.
I listen primarily to ambient/lounge/chill whatever and metal.

Run some frequency sweeps.  Here is the one I use::


The guy actually calls out the frequencies so you can see where your system is lacking.

Ideal response would be as flat as possible down to 40Hz, as that is about as low as metal gets bass wise.

In my situation, I have Totem Arros in a small room, and through mass loading and careful positioning with respect to the back wall I am able to get surprisingly good response.  Otherwise, I would peruse the various publications that show measurements with bass down to 40Hz and shortlist those speakers for auditioning.
Any big klipsch=Forte, Quartet, Chorus, Klipschhorn
You might want to check out Cerwin-Vega stuff.  From what I know they are available only through Cerwin-Vega; they are not sold in stores.
Back in the 80's the guys interested in Metal, certainly had Cerwin-Vega speakers because, we could play them very LOUD!

It would be interesting to learn if the company is original or owned by someone else....
Which metal artists are you guys listening to...?

If you can stretch your budget a little further then I can thoroughly recommend Tannoy DC10T. These are made to rock...& I don't mean just with weak-ass metal; these perform great with Nile, Gorguts, Beneath The Massacre, Origin, Melvins et al.

They drop to 30Hz so can easily handle some of the low frequencies dropped into tracks by bands like Animals As Leaders, The Flying Luttenbachers, The Locust...etc.
I am in the same boat, though not the same equipment my Dalis aren't cutting it.  Amazing on light dreamy jazzy vocal stuff, but thin thin for metal.   Did you ever make a purchase?