Speakers for First Watt J2 amp

Has anyone tried the J2 amp with these speakers?

Devore Gibbon Nines

Devore 3XL monitor

Gemme Vivace

Kudos C30

Silverline Sonatina MK 3 or MK 4

Silverline Reference 17 or 17.5 or 17 supreme monitor

Simetel Concetus Lyra

Sonist Concerto 3

Spendor A9

Tannoy Stirling or Turnberry

Tonian Acoustics 7.1

WLM Diva

WLM Diva monitor

I am especially interested in reactions concerning soundstage, midrange and bass response. It’s in those areas where several users have found the J2 to be somewhat lacking.

I’m hoping that with the right speakers that the J2 will be the amp for me.

But please give both positive and negative experiences with any of these speakers when paired with the J2 amp-and when played at low to moderate volume in an average sized living room.
I think it a mistake to buy speakers for amps, better to buy amps for speakers
I agree with Unsound