Speakers for Elite PRO-101FD?

I just purchased this monitor and was wondering what speakers will work best with it? I was leaning towards a powered soundbar but also thought about doing a 2.1 system. This plasma monitor is not going to be in a dedicated HT room, hence my inclination to go with a good soundbar or a small, unobtrusive 2.1 system. The only component I have connected to this monitor at the moment is the Directv HD-DVR. If I go with a 2.1 system, I will have to get a receiver but then I may be able to add an OPPO player and/or other components in the near future. Any input will be appreciated.
I have the same monitor in the bedroom and it''s used with tiny powered Audio Monitor Aego speakers. The speakers are connected to a cheap Parasound AV 1800 processor. I have a direct tv DVR and a Sony blu Rayconnected to the processor.

The whole audio system was about $300.
Thank you for the response. Let's see if I get more suggestions.
I have a Pioneer Elite 110 (8G). I am using Merlin TSMs on stands, with a subwoofer and integrated amp. It sounds fabulous to me, and I feel no need at all for multi-channel.

The speakers that I have are the Dynaudio 72SE's. I will probably get a small Velodyne or JL Audio sub. Which integrated amp do you have currently driving the Merlin's? I am looking to spend not more than $1000 on the receiver at this point.