Speakers for Dk design VS-1 Reference mk2

Putting together new system for small library. Picked up DK integrated amp and Rega Planet CDP. Have my eye on a pair of B&W 805 (either N805 or 805S), but I am concerned that the B&Ws might want more power than the DK has to offer (150 WPC at 8 ohm). Any other speaker recommendations that are comparable to B&W but mayber a bit more efficient -- or are my concerns about driving the B&Ws overstated? Listening to variety of musical styles (classical, jazz, vocal rock) at low to moderate volume. Thanks.
Your DK amp has more than enough power to drive the B&W 805 speakers. I have used the DK amp both stock and modified in the past with many different speakers with much success. It will have no problem with the B&W 805. Good luck.
The distributor for DK auditions it with Von Schweikert VR-4JR's. I listened to the JR's with quite a few different amplifiers (better amplifiers IMO) but there was some sort of synergy with teh DK.

Good luck!
If I only had the $$ for the Von Schweikerts, I would happily follow your advice!
You might look into the LSA2 from DK Design. I imagine they'd give the VR4 Jr a run for their money, and the LSA2 retail for $2500. I know they were voiced using the DK VS-1 MkII.
always made me curious how and why someone gets an amp first and then shops for speakers. I think it should be other way around - speakers first, then amp.

Having said that, I am pretty certain that 150w/ch into 8ohms should be enough to drive the 805s. I was driving my N803s with a McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe, which is 100w/ch. 150w/ch should do. And if you get the B&Ws, make sure to biwire. otherwise, they won't sound their best.