Speakers for Dialogue 2

I'm thinking about buying a Dialogue 2. At 38w I'm wary of the output of this amp for my speakers. I have Opera Callas monitors which are 87 db. I suspect that's a liberal rating, because they seem to want a lot of power. Is anyone using their Dialogue 2 with relatively inefficient speakers?
Ask Kevin Deal from Upscale Audio. I believe he carries the Opera line. He may even be able to give you a demo if you are local to the L.A. area. I use the Dialogue Two with Vienna Accoustics Baby Beethovens in a 16X32 room and it always has enough juice (91db)Good luck!
I have two Prima Luna products ... the PL2 integrated that I use with Spendor SA1 bookshelf speakers and the PL5 that I use with Opera Platea floorstanders. Both speakers are relatively inefficient (84db and 88db respectively), but play as loud as I can stand them to be. Granted I live in an apartment and try to maintain some decorum, but there is always more than enough juice to spare.

Regards, Rich
One approach to this problem is adding a powered subwoofer. Not only will this relieve the Prima Luna of most of the "heavy lifting", it will also provide both bass extention and power. If you search for subwoofer threads in these forums, posts from Bob Reynolds, Shadorne, and Drew Eckhardt (among others) will likely prove mighty educational (they did for me).

BTW - The $600 Velodyne SMS-1 sub controller (X-over, Room analyzer w/calibrated mic, and PEq) allows seamless integration with many sub/main combos. The $600 SVS sub has almost unbelievable specs (I haven't heard it, but Bob Reynolds is a big fan)for the money. I use the Velodyne SMS-1 with Velodyne SPLR subs and several different main systems. The results are outstanding. For $1200, I can't think of a better way to go.

Good Luck

I have had and continue to own a number of Prologue Products. While I have been satisfied/happy with most, I believe the the Dialogue 2 has been grossly over rated. I've upgraded from the PL1 to the DL2 in one system and am using the PL3 as my preamp in my primary system. So, having or currently owning 3 different Prima Luna products, I can tell yo that, knowing what I know now, I would not have "upgraded" to the Dialogue 2. While it's a perfectly acceptable sounding integrated, I view the sound quality only modestly different (and I don't mean better) than the Prologue 1 I previously owned. Moreover, I can tell you that in a word, the remote sucks. Unless I am 3 feet away and directly in line with it, the remote doesn't work. It's a good thing for me a that my cd player has both a power and volume control, as I never use the DL2 remote.

In the end, I know that this wasn't your question, but my recommendation is ad the PL1 or PL2 to your system, not the DL2
Thanks for the info. This assures me I should stick to my resolution not to buy any more audio components without hearing them first.
My Prima Luna prologue 2 has plenty of power for my Spendor S20 speakers
I have the Prologue 2 and enjoy it with the Reference 3a Di Capo i's . Your Dialogue has more than enough power for most anything in the Reference 3a line as they are fairly efficient (plus 90 db.) and designed for tube amps (flat impedence curve) .

Good luck .