Speakers for Devialet

Looking for assistance to match my Devialet 440 for speakers to listen primarily rock and instrumental music. Current speakers are audio physics. Thank you 
One of the best systems I ever heard was a set-up consisting AP Avanti IIIs, Herron tube preamp, Herron SS mono amps and top of the line Wadia digital front end (about 11 years ago). Never forgot it.

My thoughts:
1. Room/speaker positioning
2. Front end
3. Cabling/power conditioning
4. System synergy

If you must have new speakers, consider looking into Wilson-Benesch,
Sopra 3s if you have the room. As well as having a dedicated room, you could add a shunyata denali. As for cables, transparent ultras. They do not have the air and holographic imaging of nordost but have a much better bass and are simply more relaxing to listen to imho