Speakers for Devialet

Looking for assistance to match my Devialet 440 for speakers to listen primarily rock and instrumental music. Current speakers are audio physics. Thank you 
Google "Devialet 440" and you will see a plethora of suggested choices, including inter alia, FOCAL Supras

We all understand that "system" synergy is the yellow brick road to OZ. So what is it that leaves you wanting? Ignoring any reference to cables for the moment,

(1) Your Audio Physics are no slouches...( model unspecified) but I am aware of many of the models in their stable.

(2) There is a distinct wild card issue first .... you are silent on your source. Is it up to par with the amp? We ll know the time-honoured axiom: " Garbage in, garbage out". Is it a case that your amp is just revealing the inherent weaknesses and warts in your source? This factor is a BIG one that I would assess FIRST before swapping in new speakers, that are at the "back-end" of the chain and won’t compensate for material issues up-front other than expose them more graphically.

FWIW, JMR (Jean-Marie Reynaud) has a fine stable of French speakers as contenders rather than pretenders with the amp., Amherst Audio is both a dealer and distributor that carries them and JMRs ((IMO) are well worth an audition before you pull any trigger (if at all) on new speakers to mate up with the Devialet.


Thx akg.
1. I am using Avanti III. They are about 10 years (was earlier driving them with Bryston).
2. I am using Audio-aero Prima CD player. Have also attached my macbook through which I play my music on iTunes (high quality on hard disk). Sometimes use Spotify premium where music quality really drops. Looking at buying Aurender X100 as the media player.
3. Need to change cables as well and wondering what to upgrade to.

many thanks for your prompt assistance - I am new to this forum.

I'd suggest upgrading your cables - Analysis Plus are a great match with Devialet as are Wireworld.
If you like the Audio Physics try their new models.  Avantera for example.  Beyond that I'd suggest the Focal range, Sopra or Utopia or Magico's.
New cables now won’t fix any warts upstream in any case, and because they are entirely system dependent, they would be deferred to a near last thing I would consider to change.

Your source might be a big question mark IMO. If I remember your model correctly, it’s an old unit and digital has greatly improved and expanded past simple 16/44 redbook.

First, your digital streaming with only crummy mp3 quality tunes from Spotify ( mp3 is crummy compressed, rolled-off top-end end and chopped wooly chuffy bass) can be greatly improved by a large streaming source upgrade to 24/96 hi-Rez streaming on TIDAL.

Second, using a Mac as a digital streaming source requires a quality build external DAC worthy of your quality build amp and speakers. Don’t chintz it here . Adding a current quality build external upgraded kit to the cdp (now only a transport) and contemporaneously from your Mac should be assessed against your current rig as a  first key step IMO.

Do do you have proper dedicated power lines -- a separate one each for source and amp -- installed yet? This will be the biggest cable first step upgrade along with a good quality build power cable.

New Amp break-in period : you may have to endure a lengthy break-in period on your new amp. I waited 450+ hours on my new high-end amp and cdp/DAC before any approximation of a proper break-in period arrived , that ONLY THEN permitted me to properly assess their audio sonic performance and consider any new cable changes.

Your AP speakers are still fine gear. Because every piece has its own bespoke sonic signature , and with the new kit break-in period still in its embryonic stages ..... regrettably you need more patience before you swap in ANY new speakers with a new amp and other potential changes.

Your listening arena warts and potential tweaks

Important yes, but possible tweaks considered only as a very last option after all the above are addressed first.

In summary.

this is a complex alchemy so Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. One step st a time .... this is a lengthy journey to OZ with no quick fix destination option
Don't get sucked into all the luddites front end arguments - one of the many distinct advantages of the Devialet is it's incredible DAC and built in streaming via Ethernet or wifi. With Devialet Air 3,04 (just released) running on your MacBook you can play Tidal with MQA and 16/44 directly or better still through ROON and control it all remotely via an iPhone or iPad. Going over wifi eliminates any galvanic noise from connecting wires and sounds better than Ethernet, USB or AES too.  Better still you can have your MacBook in another room and on an entirely separate leg of power. Getting a dedicated 20amp supply to your 440 will help a lot.  Feel free to reach out if you want any specific Devialet setup help as it can get a bit technical! Equally, you can use you MacBook to rip/copy your CD's to an external hard drive and have access to those through ROON.
A good power cable works wonder with Devialet. Try Triode Wire Labs, Lessloss, Wireworld or Analysis Plus. All reasonable $ and great matches. Same companies for speaker cables.
if you do upgrade your speakers after trying all that you'll likely find the cables just fine but may want to revisit your cable options. Buying used cables is a good option.
Good luck.
Thanks akg and leeagc. I had recently upgraded from Devialet 200 to the 440. The built in streaming function has still not been delivered in Singapore and is expected in Q3. I have a dedicated 20 amp power supply. Heard Kharma Excquisite LE and was blown away. The dealer was recommending DB7 as a good match. I had earlier looked at Raidho D2.1 as well as Focal Sopra No 2 and SF Amati. Very confused about the speakers but guess will work at source first and check my power cable (am traveling currently) and look at Roon. Was thinking of buying Aurender X 100 to attach to my devialet as the media player. Will that work with Roon? Many thanks for your kind assistance
What is your budget for new speakers? 
Looking at around $20-25k. Have looked at Raidho D2.1 (demo piece) though still pricey. Have been recommended Kharma DB7 (impressed with Kharma Galileo but that is again very very pricey) and SF Amati.
agree with A KG...... while cables are important, they are the seasoning for a quality prepared dish. Fix the system first.

Re: Spotify, Pandora, etc...  great for background music, but not for serious listening.
Primary source is CD + high resolution music on hard disk. Spotify is occasional on the main deck but primarily used on Devialet Phantoms. I guess need to spend more time on the source - will upgrade to Aurender X100 as first stage and check on my power supply...Thx

hi soota,

i agree with some of the comments above that raidho would be a good match. i actually heard their top of the line with devialet amps - a really nice pairing for sure. the speed and control really work well together.

as a disclaimer, i am a raidho dealer and would be happy to answer any further questions. feel free to private message me.

Revel Salon 2s are in your budget, if a smaller speaker is needed the new Magico s3 mk2 shows lots of promise. 
Thx all. Just changed my power distributor to PS8 (Shunyata) and speaker cables to Ansuz Speakz - huge improvement in sound quality, am loving it. Am now auditioning Raidhos on Saturday. Revel Salon 2s are awesome as 2 of my friends have it but not easily available in Singapore. 
@Skanda, what would be a reasonable Price for Raidho D2.1 (demo piece). Many thanks 
I am running Vivid Audio B1 (Upgraded recently to the Decades) and it seems to me like 'hand-in-glove'.   Highly recommended.
Hey @soota,

Sorry, I was out on holiday and did not get a notification that you had responded. Can you PM me?
Actually, just PM'd you. Looking forward to chatting
I heard the Devialet  400 series with Wilson  speakers very nice!
One of the best systems I ever heard was a set-up consisting AP Avanti IIIs, Herron tube preamp, Herron SS mono amps and top of the line Wadia digital front end (about 11 years ago). Never forgot it.

My thoughts:
1. Room/speaker positioning
2. Front end
3. Cabling/power conditioning
4. System synergy

If you must have new speakers, consider looking into Wilson-Benesch,